Blind Side, Drool, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mad Men, Zombies of Mass Destruction 

New DVD releases Tuesday, March 23

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The Blind Side

The heartwarming tale of a homeless man whose life is saved by football and a middle-age white lady (Sandra Bullock). Based on a true story that was also turned down by Julia Roberts during the casting process.
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A bored housewife (Laura Harring) meets a hot new neighbor (Jill Marie Jones), then kills her abusive husband when he finds the pair engaged in “lesbian activities.” Uh, selling real estate? Playing rugby?
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Fantastic Mr. Fox

The animated Wes Anderson fable about a suave fox (George Clooney) who retires from chicken-killing and goes into journalism. That’s how you know it’s a fable.
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Mad Men: Season 3

Sterling Cooper is sold to the British, Peggy tries pot, Joan is mostly missing, Betty discovers Don’s past life, Don gets another mistress and JFK gets assassinated, as does Patio Cola (Diet Pepsi). Great season, despite low Joan content.
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Zombies of Mass Destruction

From the After Dark Horrorfest’s “Eight Films to Die For”: A virtual remake of Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, with a political anti-terrorist-profiling message. Almost as good as Zombie Strippers. Almost.

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