Oscars & Heroes

Comic-book blockbusters don't get awards—and maybe that's just fine

FanX 2015

What to X-pect from Salt Lake Comic Con's FanX event
It's January. It's cold. There's some snow out there somewhere. The celebrities are in town. Typically, that simply would indicate that it's time for the Sundance Film Festival. But, in 2015, it also means it's time for another Salt Lake Comic Con.

No Star Wars Spoilers

Yes, Star Wars: Episode VII is highly anticipated, but it's OK to maintain some mystery
We have just under a year before another Star Wars movie comes out. Trust me; I know exactly how long it is. I'm counting every single day. Maybe even the hours. Possibly the minutes.

Booze & Batman

This Christmas season calls for Caped Crusader gifts and cocktail pairings.
Every year, we look around our favorite stores and websites, struggling for gift ideas for the fellow nerds in our lives. But since it's Batman's 75th anniversary, there is a whole bunch of great Batman merchandise out there to celebrate ...

The Flash: A Hero for Fun

New CW series is the only light in a DC universe filled with darkness
After the release of 2011's abysmal failure of a film Green Lantern, it's been said that the unofficial motto around the offices of DC Entertainment is, "No jokes."

To Infinity and Beyond

The future of gaming may be making the games you play
On Sept. 23, the latest version of the Disney Infinity franchise was released, starring all of the best and brightest from Marvel Comics.

Happily Ever After

How I learned to stop worrying and love Disney
The question I get asked most often about the new Star Wars movies is, "Aren't you worried Disney is going to ruin it?"

Star Wars: Rebels

The new Star Wars animated series delivers the best of both trilogies.
After the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the stream of new stories in the Star Wars universe slowed significantly.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

Geeks have plenty of good reasons to line up for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014
As the leaves begin to turn and fall approaches, it's time once again for Salt Lake Comic Con to invade downtown with all of its geeky goodness.

Tie-In Fighters

Expanded fictional universes shouldn't be stigmatized
If a thing exists, you can be sure that there will be a group of people who will turn their nose up at it. And in the world of geekdom, you can find plenty of noses turned skyward when it comes to licensed tie-in fiction.

I Left My Heart in San Diego

Comic-Con highlights prove it's still worth attending
Every year, I swear I'm never going back to San Diego Comic-Con, for so many reasons: It's too big. There are too many people. There is too much to do. It's a panic- and anxiety-inducing land of chaos.

Thor Sports

Comic-book fans don't always deal well with changes to characters
"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." According to Marvel Comics, these are the words carved onto Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. There have been times when someone other than Thor has picked up the hammer, found himself imbued with his power and proceeded to kick ass and take names.

Big Trouble in Little China: The Sequel

The cult-classic movie gets a comic-book sequel
In 1986, movie audiences were treated to one of the most thrilling and absurd action-fantasy films ever devised for the silver screen.

Conventional Wisdom

No, there aren’t too many pop-culture gatherings in Utah
If you haven’t noticed, there’s another major geek convention in town this week.

Rumor Has It

Are we spending too much time fretting over movies before we can even see them?
It’s my opinion that we, all of us, me included—me especially—spend too much time watching the sausage being made when it comes to our favorite things. And it shades our expectations in ways that are unfair to the works of art we claim to love.

X-Men Future

What’s next for the mutant franchise after Days of Future Past
By now you’ve had the chance to see the latest X-Men movie, Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film itself is a worthy sequel to his original films, but it also piggy-backed nicely onto Matthew Vaughn’s prequel X-Men: First Class.


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