Double Vision

I wouldn't give anything to trade places with Alden Ehrenreich right now.

Pop Politics

Utah's thriving geek culture seems at odds with its conservative political one.
There's a thirst for these sorts of stories here that is unrivaled.

Things geeks are desperate to know about the Star Wars universe

After seeing The Force Awakens, fans ended up with a lot of Qs, not so many As.
The first question I want more information about is the political situation in the galaxy. It's not stated explicitly, but it seems as though the New Republic were hesitant to marshal a military force, for fear of being perceived as turning into a new Empire.

Don't Force It

There's a world of Star Wars material out there, but you don't have to know it all
The seventh theatrical installment of the live-action Star Wars films, The Force Awakens, is coming to theaters faster than many realize.

The State of Geek TV

Nerdy entertainment flourishes in a changing landscape for series programming
With autumn upon us, that means it's traditionally the start of the fall television season. Thanks to the power of nerds, more shows than ever have a geek bent, with more still to come.

Dungeon Mastered

Maybe a new movie version of Dungeons & Dragons could finally get right what is beloved about the game
I suspect the way that most Americans gain most engaging and immersive exposure to the worlds of fantasy comes not from books, but from role-playing games.



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