Big Trouble in Little China: The Sequel

The cult-classic movie gets a comic-book sequel

Conventional Wisdom

No, there aren’t too many pop-culture gatherings in Utah
If you haven’t noticed, there’s another major geek convention in town this week.

Rumor Has It

Are we spending too much time fretting over movies before we can even see them?
It’s my opinion that we, all of us, me included—me especially—spend too much time watching the sausage being made when it comes to our favorite things. And it shades our expectations in ways that are unfair to the works of art we claim to love.

X-Men Future

What’s next for the mutant franchise after Days of Future Past
By now you’ve had the chance to see the latest X-Men movie, Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film itself is a worthy sequel to his original films, but it also piggy-backed nicely onto Matthew Vaughn’s prequel X-Men: First Class.


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