Don't Force It

There's a world of Star Wars material out there, but you don't have to know it all
The seventh theatrical installment of the live-action Star Wars films, The Force Awakens, is coming to theaters faster than many realize.

The State of Geek TV

Nerdy entertainment flourishes in a changing landscape for series programming
With autumn upon us, that means it's traditionally the start of the fall television season. Thanks to the power of nerds, more shows than ever have a geek bent, with more still to come.

Dungeon Mastered

Maybe a new movie version of Dungeons & Dragons could finally get right what is beloved about the game
I suspect the way that most Americans gain most engaging and immersive exposure to the worlds of fantasy comes not from books, but from role-playing games.

The Devil, You Say

Netflix's Daredevil might be the ideal filmed manifestation of the Marvel Universe
After taking a few months to digest Marvel's Daredevil, I think I can make this pronouncement: We should crown it the best thing Marvel Studios has done in the superhero genre since the inception of the so-called "Marvel Cinematic Universe."

Separate & Unequal

We shouldn't settle for the way pop-culture properties treat female characters
There's a problem in the culture right now: The corporate entities in control of merchandising our popular culture seem almost tone-deaf on issues of diversity. Some companies might get one aspect right while botching others; other companies fail across the board.

Out in Force

The unique experience of fan conventions dedicated to just one geeky subject
One could assume that once you've been to one fan convention, you've been to 'em all—but that wouldn't be true. Not by a long shot. Each convention I've ever been to has had a drastically different flavor.

Oscars & Heroes

Comic-book blockbusters don't get awards—and maybe that's just fine
Now that awards season is over, we can look at the major awards earned by superhero movies and ask, "Why aren't there any?"



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