Banned Words 

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What words should be banned?

Susah Kruithof: Cooch. It’s just wrong. So many nicer names for a va-jay-jay.

Scott Renshaw: Only the ones that people find it impossible to use correctly, and even then only when used by those specific people.

Lindsay Fenton: Hella. Every time someone uses the word “hella,” their IQ drops 5 points.

Rachel Scott:
The word “retard” is highly inappropriate. It is often used to put down people who have intellectual disabilities. It is also used to say that something or someone is stupid just like the word “gay” is often used—for example, if someone said, “that’s so gay and retarded.” Unless you’re talking about a drag queen in a fire-retardant suit, you are incorrect. Use words where they are appropriate, not derogatory.

John Saltas:

Jesse Fruhwirth: Language will flow regardless of anyone’s effort to ban a piece of it. It’s better to be at peace with language’s ever-evolving nature than to be the failed dictator prescribing what is “right” and “wrong.”

Rachel Piper: “Baby” and all baby-related words, “prego” being at the top of the list.

Eric S. Peterson: The word “bro.” Give it a rest, dickheads. Unless of course the word is used in reference to the bra for men as per the classic Seinfeld episode.

Jerre Wroble: No banning, no dashing, no bleeping—what a wonderful world it would be. Why should obscenities and vulgarities get to have all the fun?

Becca Andrus: Derby, bonus and beaver.  Don’t ask me why, those words just bug.

Nick Clark:

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