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Back to School 2011

Class is in session, listen up
“The whole idea is negative,” says Bryan Mannos, City Weekly’s IT guru, Westminster class of 1992, of the premise for this issue. “All 'Back to School' means is that summer is ending, and your freedom is going away.”

Required Reading

Some books help you pass a midterm, others get you through life.
Required Reading, Some books help you pass a midterm, others get you through life.

Major Decisions

What you decide to study today could jumpstart your career. Or not.
Major Decisions, What you decide to study today could jumpstart your career. Or not.

Welcome to the Big Time

With Utah and BYU’s football upgrade, road tripping is a whole new ballgame.
Welcome to the Big Time. With Utah and BYU’s football upgrade, road tripping is a whole new ballgame.

The Backup Plan

What happens when you graduate into a world with no jobs?
The Backup Plan, What happens when you graduate into a world with no jobs?

Football Sucks

Even if you hate sports, Utah’s rise in national standing will affect your college life.
Football Sucks, Even if you hate sports, Utah’s rise in national standing will affect your college life.

Addled by Adderall

Every generation finds a new crutch to get an academic edge.
Addled by Adderall, Every generation finds a new crutch to get an academic edge.

Fall Concerts 2011

Term papers can wait. Rock out before you go mad.
Concert-tration, Term papers can wait. Rock out before you go mad.

Back to School 2010: Utah's Best Concerts - Fall 2010

Over 130 shows scheduled through September.
Cotton Jones, Dangermuffin, She And Him, Nappy Roots, Jamie Lidell, Band of Horses, Gov't Mule, Buddy Guy & more...

Back to School 2010: How to Avoid Real Work in College

While you’re enrolled in college, you bloody well better celebrate your newfound reality-free bubble, walled off as you are from maturity and corporate slavery and looming loan debt.

Back to School 2010: How to Gain the Freshman 15

Everyone has heard or experienced their fair share of college horror stories: the nymphomaniac roommate, the professor sprung directly from the ninth circle of hell...

Back to School 2010: Decorating & Dressing on a Student Budget

If you need a new look for school, go ahead: Pull out your major credit card and head for Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle in any local mall.

Back to School 2010: Discovering Uncanny Utah

Digging into Utah’s uncanny appeal to outsiders.
When meeting someone new outside of Utah, one of the first questions I generally am asked is, “Are you Mormon?” That often is quickly followed by questions about what is there to do...

Back to School 2010: Looking for Love Online

Clicking your way to true love.
With the online revolution kicking down every door, personal information that formerly would have been dragged out of us only after being beaten and injected with Pentothal...

Back to School 2010: Out & Proud on Campus

Gay students discuss Utah's homophobic reputation.
Anybody who has attended the Utah Pride Festival, visited Utah’s Pride Center or used the University of Utah’s LGBT Resource Center can attest to the support that is available...

Back to School 2010: Dial a Religion

Opportunities abound to chart a new spiritual path--in Utah, of all places
College years often are the time when students question the belief systems they were raised with. After all, you're already stretching your mind and body, why not your soul?

BTS Concert Listings

Elvis Costello with Utah Symphony Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater 2250 Deer Valley Drive South, Park City 435-645-6625.

Beat the Cost of Books

It’s payback time for those overpriced textbooks.
The expense of education rises every year, and the cost of books skyrockets right along with your tuition dollars.

Eye Openers

Bet you didn’t know the ol’ hair-of-the-dog hangover cure has a scientific basis.
You open your eyes and immediately regret doing so. You dread getting out of bed (or off your front lawn) to find out exactly how bad you feel, but you'll die if you don't get a glass of water.

Back to School 2009

City's Weekly's academic guide to higher (and lower) learning.
I retain few great thoughts from my college years: A sociology professor once told my class that our career aspirations were laughable. He debunked our every economic premise...

Fast College Cash

Earning a little scratch doesn't always mean having a boring job.
Making a little extra cash is crucial for college. Why not get creative and consider these moneymakers that won’t cramp your schedule...

Seeking Chic

The dorm room can be a place where form and function collide. Or not.
An obvious way to create a totally awesome dorm room would be to room with "Super" Dell Schanze. Since this option may not be available or desirable to most students...

From A to B

How to move yourself around campus.
You're no doubt prepping for school. You've already dropped by Banana Republic, Express, Gap, and maybe the D.I. to get yourself ready to look like a bad-ass.

Essential Sanctuaries

In search of slack? Here are some places to go when you’ve just got to blow off class.
Vegan-friendly and open late on Fridays and Saturdays, Sugarhouse Coffee is a nice alternative...

Click or Brick?

Online course offerings are transforming campus life.
These days, more and more students are earning credits from home, enrolling in degree programs that include online courses...

Back to School 2008 | Green & Mean: Using fewer natural resources can often save your own green.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately—hunting your food, clothing yourself in shrubbery and drinking rain water (in which case you’ve already got this nailed)—you’ve probably been hounded about “going green.”...

Back to School 2008 | Time to return to class, kids. City Weekly shows you how

 Would you rather live in the ascendancy of a civilization or during its decline?So asked Tri-Lam Arnold Poindexter in the 1984 college-flick classic Revenge of the Nerds, which also happens to be the inspiration for the cover of our third annual...

Back to School 2008 | What’s the Buzz? Students test-drive energy drinks so you don’t have to.

You know the situation: You spent all night “studying,” only to roll out of bed exhausted 30 minutes before your midterm. And so you reach for one of the neon-colored, stomach-lining-eroding energy drinks taking over the local Tesoro. But...

Back to School 2008 | The Reel Deal: How well do movies prepare you for college life?

With all the romantic college movie portrayals of bongs, beer, slutty sorority girls, and nerds avenging themselves against jocks, who wouldn’t want to go to college? But as any moviegoer knows, cinematic tales don’t always match up with reality....

Back to School 2008 | Work It, Girl!: Keeping fit in tight spaces.

No need to sign your life away buying a pass to Gold’s Gym. Students can work out without the big fancy machines and rubber floors, in the small spaces they may have. Hey, at least you aren’t paying 30 bones a month to have a gym pass and...

Back to School 2008 | Ramen on Empty: Invite the world to your pathetic student table with these gourmet ramen recipes.

For thousands of penurious students, the staff of life isn’t bread or even rice, but ramen noodles. And no wonder! Stacked neatly on a bookshelf, those miraculous little carb bricks take up next to no space in a cramped dorm. Ramen is also easy...

Back to School 2008 | At Your Service: Tired of life in the animal house? Try making somebody happy.

Kicking back and enjoying the luxuries of youth post-high school is pretty enticing. Letting studying take backseat to Guitar Hero championships and grocery-cart bowling may be peachy for a while. But wait for that feeling to set in … and it will....

Back to School 2008 | Don’t Be “That Guy”: Take your music-appreciation IQ to new heights by following these simple rules.

College life swarms with regrets: Bacardi-induced gutter naps, beer-goggled hookups and the ill-effects from altered-state procrastination, to name just a few. But the greatest threat to one’s moral fiber comes from following the lemmings to the...

Back to School 2008 | Party On!: The keepin’ it cheap, where to go and what to do guide to kickin’ it off campus.

You’ve printed your schedule and campus map, packed them next to those brand new books in the trusty old Jansport, and you’re set to launch into higher education. Campus is your kingdom, and ye shall rule! But what about that first big date?...

Back to School 2008 | Too Cool for School: Upcoming Concerts

n n n n Thursday, Aug. 14 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Delta Spirit Gallivan Center 239 S. Main Street 596-5000, 7 p.m., all-ages, free Friday,...

Back to School 2007

Feature: It’s time to hit the books. City Weekly helps make the grind less painful.
Learn it. Know it. Live it. What’s more fun than going back to school? Yeah, we’ll wait right here as you compile the list. We’ve compiled a few lists of our own for City Weekly’s second annual Back to School issue: Cheap dates,...


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