Essentials: Entertainment Picks Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Every October, Slusser Gallery breaks from its usual fare of plein air contemporary impressionism and contemporary realism for a show where the "real purpose is to have fun," says owner, director, and curator Mark Slusser.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Oct. 23-29

Vive la difference! Our differences are what make humans so fascinating, part of what makes getting to know each other so rich and rewarding.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Oct. 16-22

Abstract art often is given explicit meanings by its creators, who tell stories through painterly symbols. For viewers, that same art might resonate in a different way with their own dreams, hopes, desires and personal histories.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Oct. 9-15

Melanie Marnich's These Shining Lives is based on a (tragically) true story that paralleled one of the most notorious cases of workplace abuse in American history: the "radium girls," women workers who ended up discovering ...

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Oct. 2-8

One of the best parts of being a true repertory dance company—especially one that's been curating work since 1966—is that each time you stage a new performance, you have a deep well of works to draw from.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Sept. 25-Oct. 1

The great works of Russian artist Nikolai Borisovich Terpsikhorov are monumental in size, proportion and subject—and so is their place in history.


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