Essentials: Entertainment Picks Aug. 21-27

Sometimes, the most beautiful, intriguing and mystifying two-dimensional art objects are not painted. Just months ago at Finch Lane, we saw artist Nancy Vorm creating astonishing things from rust and wax.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Aug. 14-20

Utah's national parks is legendary, captured in classic films and the work of inspired visual artists. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which those grand arches, spires and cliffs somehow become more majestic—unless it's when they're serving as a backdrop for performances by the Utah Symphony.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks Aug. 7-13

The designs of Nolan Baumgartner's ceramics (pictured) embody an unconventional aesthetic. Instead of colorful glazes common to Southwestern-style vessels, he uses a Middle Eastern influence—stripes and dark polka dots, arranged with a compositional precision—which is then subjected to the physical changes of being fired in the soda kiln.

Essentials: Entertainment Picks July 31-Aug. 6

Art, like any discipline, has its own language, and an artist has his or her own vocabulary. In the artistic language of American Indian artist Frank Buffalo Hyde, fuchsia and bright blue, polka dots and stripes are not simply a decorative backdrop

Essentials: Entertainment Picks July 24-30

Utah's Pioneer Day has been celebrated annually almost every year since the momentous day in 1847 when Brigham Young and company declared this valley to be the place.


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