For the Books

Choose your own adventure at these downtown bookstores.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 18-24

I Will Send Rain, 35x35, Salt Lake County Fair and Craig Robinson

Mainstream American Comic

For comedian Hari Kondabolu, being "political" just means being himself.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 11-17

John Mulaney, Craft Lake City, Hot Air Balloons and Pirates!
THURSDAY 8.11-8.13 John Mulaney John Mulaney's career has taken a few turns since he broke into the business as an office assistant at Comedy Central. The Chicago comedian worked with Nick Kroll as part of the comedy duo Oh, Hello Show and eventually earnined a spot on the Saturday Night Live writing staff, which lasted six years.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 4-10

Utah Symphony: Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and More
THURSDAY 8.4 People Productions: The Witness Many of history's most horrifying tragedies have been captured in iconic photographs, like a terrified 9-year-old girl fleeing a napalm attack in Vietnam.

Responsible Nerdery

It's not impossible to fold your lifelong pleasures into a grown-up life.
For schoolchildren all over the city, it's still summer break.

A Sense of Place

Alice Gallery showcases works exploring the Architecture of Place.
Local artists have often created depictions of architecture, perhaps as a way of contemplating its effects.

Go to Heel

A look at some of the features at the 2016 Damn These Heels Film Festival.
Here's a look at several of the features that will be screened July 15-17 at the Rose Wagner Center

Hail Hydra!

The controversial Captain America-Steve Rogers #1 is about much more than its final page.
Captain America proclaiming his allegiance to Hydra, the evil organization that was even too evil for the Nazis.

Patience Pays

One group's Arts Festival presence required visas and a mountain of paperwork.
Tester says securing visas for performing artists can be difficult because the visa is employment-based.

Motor Mouth

From morning radio to podcasts to standup, Jim Norton has plenty of places to talk.
I know Opie well enough to work with him, but it's one of those things where I don't know what the show is sometimes.

Unspeakable Practices

Jennet Thomas explores 2016 politics through a twisted lens.
The voting process itself has even come under question.

Super Bowls

Local skate parks are far from a haven for board-riding hooligans.
Despite my subtle prompts, trying to uncover the insider truth about the park's seedy nature, she's not talking.

Direct Getaway

Summer vacations all over the world are just a single flight away.
How about the ease of your ability to get direct flights to popular international destinations?

Rock En Pointe

Municipal Ballet Co. brings a modern edge to a classical art form.
In the four years since Municipal Ballet's inception, Longoria has boldly plucked ballet from where it's been stuck

The Medium Is the Message

Nicholas Courdy explores mash-up culture and erotica in Metaphornography.
By now, postmodernism is a phenomenon that is familiar to us all. Mash-ups, remixes and appropriations ("samples") in every medium from music to visual art have become so common that it's almost a cliché.

The Essential A&E Picks for May 5-11

FRIDAY 5.6 Wasatch Theatre Co.: Stage Kiss The concept of a play within a play isn't new.

Heroic Call

Pop-culture fandom should be an inspiration for changing the world.
I learned more about how to live my life watching Star Wars and Star Trek, reading Batman and consuming science-fiction and fantasy books than I ever did at church.


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