Merry Christmas to Mall

An empty Gateway storefront views the horizon from a unique artistic angle.

Emperor Trumpatine

George Lucas was able to warn us about Trump

Naughty and Nice

Racy photography meets the normalization of American Mormons in new book.

Opening Song

The Eccles Theater makes its debut as home of touring theater productions.
Now that the Eccles is here, replacing the Capitol Theatre as the primary home for touring productions, he can see a venue that features the four things he was able to identify as his own keys to an improved experience.

The Medium and the Message

Jimmi Toro uses artistic collaboration to inspire in Art-Music-Video.
Opening at Urban Arts Gallery this month, Art-Music-Video—as the title implies—fuses three art forms to embody Toro's vision of humanity.

So Bad, So Good

Bad Kids Collective offers a personal, intimate spin on drag performance.
A combination of artists, musicians and dancers use their acts to create shows that vary wildly in tone, content and presentation.

Sinners and Saints

SB Dance's interactive All Saints Salon takes audience members on a spooky adventure.
It's not the first time the company has taken their audience to the underworld, but this time it won't be metaphorical

Between Heaven and Earth

Stephanie Leitch's installation art in Interstices explores the space between things.
But the project she envisioned took more shape as she considered the specific space in which she would present the work

Going Gaga

Choreographer Danielle Agami brings her creative roots to Élan.
Eight Repertory Dance Theatre company members and one Israeli choreographer, Danielle Agami, came together

Ruthless People

On the 20th anniversary of Tupac's death, an important new book takes a gritty look at Los Angeles hip-hop.
The Untold Story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the Birth of West Coast Rap.

Peer Review

Local arts luminaries share the Best of Utah Arts awards they would give.
But what do the people in the local arts community think should get awards?

Unfinished Business

Bountiful Davis Art Center presents a unique artistic collaboration experiment.
30 artists were asked to submit unfinished work, to be assigned randomly to other artists in the group to finish.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 18-24

I Will Send Rain, 35x35, Salt Lake County Fair and Craig Robinson
THURSDAY 8.18 Rae Meadows: I Will Send Rain John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath might be the story most closely associated with the Oklahoma "Dust Bowl" of the 1930s, but that doesn't mean it's the only story that can be found in that setting. And as one-time Utah resident Rae Meadows demonstrates in her novel I Will Send Rain, a setting doesn't define a story when its themes are more generally about the way different members of the same family can respond to the same crisis.

For the Books

Choose your own adventure at these downtown bookstores.
Despite digital alternatives, the old-fashioned book hasn't yet gone out of style.

Mainstream American Comic

For comedian Hari Kondabolu, being "political" just means being himself.
Comedian Hari Kondabolu has been making comedy out of hot-button issues like race and women's rights for more than 10 years.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 11-17

John Mulaney, Craft Lake City, Hot Air Balloons and Pirates!
THURSDAY 8.11-8.13 John Mulaney John Mulaney's career has taken a few turns since he broke into the business as an office assistant at Comedy Central. The Chicago comedian worked with Nick Kroll as part of the comedy duo Oh, Hello Show and eventually earnined a spot on the Saturday Night Live writing staff, which lasted six years.

The Essential A&E Picks for Aug 4-10

Utah Symphony: Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and More
THURSDAY 8.4 People Productions: The Witness Many of history's most horrifying tragedies have been captured in iconic photographs, like a terrified 9-year-old girl fleeing a napalm attack in Vietnam.

Responsible Nerdery

It's not impossible to fold your lifelong pleasures into a grown-up life.
For schoolchildren all over the city, it's still summer break.


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