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Green Guide

Green Guide 2014: The Water Issue

By Colby Frazier
POSTED // Apr 16,2014 - After an unusually dry winter across the West, we’re dedicating this year’s Green Guide to water—you know, that stuff that, most years, falls from the sky, piles up by the dozens of feet in the Wasatch Mountains and gushes

Green Guide

Green Guide 2013: The Air Issue

Lawmakers do little to clean up chunky air

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Apr 17,2013 - January 2013 catapulted Utah onto the world stage—for all the wrong reasons. An oppressive smog extended from Provo, across Salt Lake City, and north to Logan. Only driving up to Park City afforded escape.

Green Guide

Green Guide 2013: Wind Farms

Rural Utah's new cash crop

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Apr 17,2013 - In 1999, Andy Swapp bought a small farm outside Milford, in central Utah. When he plowed a field, the tail end of the Santa Ana winds, he says, picked up the topsoil and “sand-blasted the paint off the side of the barn.”

Green Guide

Green Guide 2013: Bird Land

A crossroads for migratory birds, the Great Salt Lake and its wetlands are where birdwatchers’ dreams come true.

By Lexie Levitt
POSTED // Apr 17,2013 - Rosalie Winard’s photographs of birds are dramatic, timeless and a little otherworldly. Her subjects, wetland birds like great egrets and American white pelicans, often take on qualities of mythical creatures or angels.

Green Guide

Green Guide 2012

City Weekly's 3rd Annual Enviro-Issue

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - Yes, a truly Green Guide wouldn’t be printed in 60,000 papers and distributed all over Utah—the irony isn’t lost on us. At least it’s on recycled paper; every little bit helps.

Green Guide

The Green 13

Businesses, nonprofits and cool people keeping the Earth green

By Jessica Baker
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - The word “green” used to conjure up memories of St. Patrick’s Day or of Kermit the Frog; today, green is much more of a movement, an ideology and even a marketing ploy. Often paired

Green Guide

Jailhouse Rocked

Enviro activist Tim DeChristopher rides the ups and downs of prison politics

By Jim Catano
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - Peaceful Uprising is celebrating Earth Day by conducting a free, open-to-all, nonviolent political-action training seminar April 21-22.

Green Guide

Environmental Arts

That art on your wall may be lovely to gaze upon, but how earth-friendly is it?

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - Lisa Miller uses materials like blown bike innertubes to create urban-chic wallets, belts and purses.

Green Guide

Becker: Finding the Green Connection

The mayor's quiet policy-making has turned his eco-friendly dreams into reality

By Rebecca Walsh
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - Becker was front and center when the oil pipeline burst in Red Butte Canyon, spewing 55,000 gallons of raw crude into the creek and Liberty Park's pond in June and December of 2010.

Green Guide

Silent Spring: The Next Generation

What's causing the downward spiral of Utah's birds and bees?

By John Coon
POSTED // Apr 18,2012 - Less water means fewer wetlands dry out over time, and birds are forced to look elsewhere to sustain themselves—if they can.