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Gift Guide

How to Brew Your Own Beer

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - If the recession is taking a bite out of your beer budget, now may be the time to unleash your inner hopped-up mad scientist and start home brewing. If the chemistry of brewing seems intimidating, fea

Gift Guide

How to Pick Mushrooms

By Jesse Fruhwirth
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - My curiosity about mushrooms blossomed when a giant, pristine specimen popped up under the canopy of pumpkin leaves in my garden. Tempted by the gift, I checked the Internet to sleuth whether this to

Gift Guide

How to Hunt & Kill a Wild Turkey

By Josh Loftin
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - Whether given to friends or family, a holiday dinner makes a great gift. It provides a leisurely time with (ideally) great company gathered around food that should go beyond boxed stuffing, powdered m

Gift Guide

How to Intonate a Guitar

By Bill Frost
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - As in a real, honest-to-Jimi electric guitar—not a Guitar Hero controller, kiddies. Setting the intonation on an electric guitar (making it play in tune at every point along the neck) is a simpl

Gift Guide

Shop Girl

Christa knows just where to find that certain something for someone.

By Christa Zaro
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - From New York City to Los Angeles, Bangkok to Cannes, I’ve been around the world participating in my favorite sport: shopping. And when I come home, I can still indulge in unfettered retail ther

Gift Guide

Let Them Eat Fruitcake

Inspired goodies for people who love food and knives.

By Francis Fecteau
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - Being a creature of impulse with little self-control, I find it difficult in my line of work to exhibit restraint. (Each week, for example, I am forcibly ejected for sweet-tooth sins from the ice-crea

Gift Guide

Influential Gifts

It’s important to remember our elected folk in this season of giving.

By D.P. Sorensen
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - Our public servants work so tirelessly on our behalf that it is only fitting to show them our appreciation (Utahns are justly renowned for showing appreciation) during the holiday season. Though they

Gift Guide

Guilty Treasures

Gather up a decade of the best/worst music in one convenient track list.

By Ryan Bradford
POSTED // Nov 18,2009 - How long can you stand apart from a song, revering it with ironic snark before it morphs into genuine love? I’ve embraced my passion for good-bad music for a good 10 years now. Incredible tunes

Gift Guide

'Tis the Season

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Nov 19,2008 - Have you seen Merriness and Mirth? They've gone missing, likely snatched by a Wall Street grinch. And it's left a chill in the air that isn’t an Arctic front. But take heart: City Weekly is here to revive your frostbitten holiday cheer.

Gift Guide

Thirty Buck Chuck

With these secret tips, your gift recipients will never know how cheap you really are.

By Princess Kennedy
POSTED // Nov 19,2008 - Oh Lord, it's going to be a hard-candy Christmas this year! With the economy giving us lumps of coal and onions in our Christmas stockings, my anxieties are running high as to how I'll shower love on my "most important."