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Sock It to 'Em

This week, ski for a charity that warms the sole.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Feb 26,2009 - When former professional snowboarder Mitch Nelson would get packages in the mail from his sponsors, there was always plenty of nice, expensive stuff to look at and try ongoggles, hats, gloves, coats, etc. But as Nelson sorted through everything, there was just one fairly inexpensive, simple item that he was really in search of: a pair of socks.

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Desert on Ice

Some are near mythical, but ice-climbing routes do exist in southern Utah.

By Tico Allulee
POSTED // Feb 19,2009 - Ice climbing is a bizarre activity by any account: Strap several long, sharp steel points to various parts of your body and cast off into an ephemeral sea of sculpted shapes, using power and technique to scratch your way up.

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Last Resorts

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Feb 13,2009 - While the economy is down, the number of locals hitting Wasatch Front resorts for skiing and snowboarding seems to be up. Most resorts are reporting strong figures—sometimes even record figures—for sales of passes and numbers of people on the slopes.

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Threads & Cred

The past and future of climbing meet at the 2009 Outdoor Retailer convention.

By Ted Wilson
POSTED // Feb 9,2009 - Descending Valhalla Canyon in the Tetons in 1967, I ran into Yvon Chouinard, the world-class mountain climber. I asked Chouinard what he was up to. He pulled an Italian ice ax from his pack. I damned near died on an ice sheet a bit ago, and I put this ax on a forge and dropped the pick, he said.
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