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Rapid Transit

Your spring river-running adventure is only a short drive away.

By Shannon Judge
POSTED // May 20,2009 - It's that sweet time of year when the days begin to warm, flowers bloom and the hefty snow pack in the Mountain West begins to melt, creating a whitewater wonderland begging to be explored by novices...

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The Great WOWtdoors

A new hiking guidebook conveys a sense of wonder, not just the facts.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // May 6,2009 - When looking for a book outlining various hikes in a particular region, the reader will of course want information about what to expect on the trail, how to get there ...

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Ghost of a Chance

The Ghost Town Century offers an opportunity for a bike ride through history.

By Jason Franchuk
POSTED // Apr 29,2009 - Bob Kinney gets the look a few times every year. Some Salt Lake City know-it-alls think they've seen everything our purportedly tiny metropolis has to offer,and then the bicyclists get wide-eyed ...

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Fringe Benefit

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail marks a natural path for the outdoor enthusiast.

By Jacob Stringer
POSTED // Apr 22,2009 - As do most things concerning the great outdoors, the term urban fringe sounds downright extreme. Without trying to deflate it, it really isn't as exciting as it first sounds...

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The Green Miles

Whether you’re running or watching, the Salt Lake City Marathon course offers a unique appeal.

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Apr 15,2009 - Marathon! The very word strikes a mixture of awe and terror even into people who are in some kind of shape, let alone those of us who are more conversant with Ben & Jerry's than with a bench press.

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April Showers

Late-season storms may change the local spring-skiing game plan. <

By Jason Franchuk
POSTED // Apr 8,2009 - How's this for a novel Utah tourism idea: With all of this recent snow, let ski season run until July 1. Apres-ski could be done without having any bitter local or confused visitor paying a membership fee. Ah, if only it were that easy.

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Coil of the Wild

Robert Smithson’s re-emerged Spiral Jetty demands a visit.

By Dallas Robbins
POSTED // Apr 1,2009 - Looking to get out, but yearning for something off the beaten track? Taking a road trip to Spiral Jetty at Rozel Point will provide a unique afternoon on the shores of the Great Salt Lake ...

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Back Tracks

Get Out: Ragnar Relay’s “Wasatch Back” race expands its appeal to more casual runners.

By Jason Franchuk
POSTED // Mar 25,2009 - A funny thing happened on the way to Ragnar Events' Wasatch Back relay becoming a huge event: The number of teams has grown significantly since 2004, while their collective running times have gotten noticeably worse.

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Hooked on Crack

Two Utah residents explore and explain the finer points of Crack Climbing!

By Tico Allulee
POSTED // Mar 18,2009 - Pain is a great teacher. While learning the subtle art of crack climbing through years of twisting various body parts in various fissures is the venerable and accepted way, many climbers have an issue with showing up at work with the bleeding and scabbed hands and ankles that suggest a rendezvous with Fight Club’s Tyler Durden.

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The Race Card

Plan your year of competitive outdoor endurance, starting this weekend.

By Tico Allulee
POSTED // Mar 11,2009 - Marathons, once the benchmark of yuppie fitness, have become passe. Few events rival the sheer boredom of pounding pavement for an entirely arbitrary distance, surrounded by throngs of people in various states of disrepair.
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