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Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2007: Beat the Meat

A primer to discovering veggie delights in meat-loving restaurants.

By Jamie Gadette
POSTED // Oct 10,2007 - My last memory of eating cow flesh is foggy but, as I recall, it involved miles of rank manure and a man beating a horse. In retrospect, it’s possible some well-meaning cowboy was simply reining in an obstinate steed, but to a seventh-grade city...

Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2007: Whitey’s Guide to Taco Carts

Get ’em while you can. New rules could make street tacos harder to come by.

By Ted McDonough
POSTED // Oct 10,2007 - The key to enjoying a tongue taco is not knowing what you’re eating. That must have the been the reasoning behind assigning the job of reviewing Salt Lake City’s roadside taco stands to the one employee who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish....

Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2007: Oh My Hex!

When good restaurants happen to cursed locations.

By Joey Hellrung
POSTED // Oct 10,2007 - Astute observers recognize the common cycle: boarded-up windows decorate a once-promising restaurant facade—then a colorful new café takes its place, only to be replaced again with the familiar boarded-up décor. It seems like something...

Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2007: Wheels of Fortune

Three wild and cheesy guys use their own hands to give raw milk immortality.

POSTED // Oct 10,2007 - Initially, the idea of making cheese was one that made Pat Ford chuckle. He’s co-partner with Tim Welsh and Stewart Christensen in the Beehive Cheese Co., located in Uintah. Ford was in land development working in his family’s business in...

Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2006: Tray Chic

Everything Food & Drink, Served Up Hot!

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 11,2007 - Not like you need to be told to eat'we’re more concerned about the where and why. If you’re stuck in an all-too-comfortable rotation of a handful of restaurants (especially ones that require shouting out your car window at a 3-inch speaker...
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