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City Guide

Ten Places to Do It

If you’ve got the guts, Utah has the glory.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - The great thing about this part of Utah is that whatever you do outside, the Wasatch Front is the place to do it. Ski, snowboard, skate on wheels or blades, hike, bike, climb...

City Guide

Slope Dope

Eleven ski resorts times 500 inches of powder equals a Rocky Mountain high.

By Geoff Griffin & Kathleen Curry
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Few cities claim such good fortune as to have 11 ski resorts within a one-hour drive that get over 500 inches of snow annually.

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Curtain Up

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats. Dozens of shows are about to begin.

By Katherine Wroble
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - To be or not to be—that is the question. Yet there can be no question about whether to attend a local theatrical production, because the answer is obvious: Yes. You should. Not only are there numerous quality performances to choose from but there are added benefits: You’ll be moved and, if you’re so inclined, you’ll be enlighted. And that’s how to be entertained, no ...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Swept Away

The Utah Opera & Utah Symphony

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - Utah OperanMuch of the pleasure of Utah Opera comes from the attention to detail, particularly the sumptuous colors of their costumes that adroitly work with the music to sweep audiences up into the full force of the operatic musical storm. Finally, though, it’s the passion of their singers that melds everything together. When Utah Opera’s at the top of its game—which is more of...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Company Town

Where the fleet of feet come home to roost.

By Emily LaRoche
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - Dance is not just a sideshow in Salt Lake City’s performing-arts scene; it’s a main event. And do we ever have it goin’ on: Whether you’re looking for the verve of classical ballet, the imaginative roller coaster of cutting-edge modern dance or the vivid and intense pacing of jazz and hip-hop, you’ll find it in this valley. Salt Lake City’s vibrant dance compan...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | License to Chill

A full tank of espresso and an open mic will put your poetry in motion.

By Jean C. Howard & Michael Dimitri
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - Alongside local events that showcase accomplished national writers are the literary scenarios of Salt Lake’s wild side, percolating every night of the week. Now, right here in Salt Lake City, you, too, can hobnob with poets laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning poets at events like Westminster College’s Anne Newman-Sutton Weeks reading series, then the next night, hang with the local tal...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Bygone Byways

Before there were Interstates, there were trails to adventure.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - Utah abounds in outdoor recreational opportunities. So much so that you can pick your activity based not only on your favorite sport, but combine it with something else that interests you as well. For example, how about venturing outdoors while also picking up some Utah history along the way? If you’re not from here, or have people visiting and want to give them a taste of Utah—both i...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Powder Kegs

Catch your fresh turns this winter at any of the Wasatch Front’s 11 ski resorts.

By Joseph Bateman
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - “The greatest snow on Earth” isn’t just a marketing slogan; it’s a reality that locals live. With an annual average snowfall of 500 inches (last season, Alta measured 702 inches), Utah is home to some serious powder. If snow quality doesn’t impress you, than how about accessibility? Most Utah resorts are only an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City International Air...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Salt Lake After Dark

Where to dance, where to rawk, where to tawk.

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - Two-thousand nine ushers in big changes—not only for our country but also for our state, where a long-debated smoking ban finally takes effect. Starting Jan. 1, local private club and tavern patrons will have to take their cigarettes outside if they want to light up. For many—especially those traveling from one of the 24 states with similar laws—the legislation is a breath of fre...

City Guide

City Guide 2009 | Seventh Heaven

Dining critic Ted Scheffler cooks up a few new lists for the City Guide.

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Jan 28,2009 - The restaurant section of this year’s City Guide is, in part, a reflection of City Weekly’s brand-spankin’ new Website,, launching in February 2009. We think you’re going to like it, and we’re proud of the beefed-up restaurant and club listings. So here’s a little preview. nOne of the cool things about the new Website is the multiplicity of tools...
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