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City Guide

Salt Lake City Guide 2010

A Source for Life in Salt Lake City

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jan 5,2010 - City Weekly's annual guide to living in or visiting Salt Lake City, Utah.

City Guide

Salt Lake City mayor's greeting

Utah's capital is full of activities and events.

By Ralph Becker
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - With this 2010 City Guide from City Weekly, you are well-equipped with new ideas for places to go and things to do in Salt Lake City.

City Guide

Salt Lake City’s Politics: Peculiarly Progressive

The LDS Church is just one of a variety of influences.

By Deeda Seed
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Salt Lake City is a blue oasis of progressive local politics mostly surrounded by a red desert of entrenched conservative thinking...

City Guide

Seven-Days Gay

Because you’re not just gay on Saturday nights.

By Annie Quan
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Gay nights at Salt Lake City clubs are just the beginning. Utah's LGBT community also enjoys films, food and other fun.

City Guide

Salt Lake City Attractions

From LDS Temple Square to neighborhood cafes.

By Geoff Griffin & Kathleen Curry
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Salt Lake City neighborhoods have a rich history behind them going back to the 19th century.

City Guide

25 Utah Artists to Watch

Salt Lake City’s art community is truly exceptional.

By Cara Despain
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - It’s exciting to see a number of Utah artists push the state’s contemporary image.

City Guide

The Utah Theater Scene

Salt Lake City plays pack a wallop.

By Rob Tennant
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Live Utah theater isn’t going anywhere. Long a home to clowns, misfits and crowd-pleasing entertainers, the stage offers an intimate experience ...

City Guide

Utah Opera & Utah Symphony Schedule

Salt Lake City sounds

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - Artistic director Christopher McBeth dazzles the imagination by combining complex characters with vibrant costumes, ornate sets and beautiful lighting...

City Guide

Salt Lake City’s Dance Scene

Utah dance companies are progressive and varied.

By Rachel Hanson
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - The arts in Salt Lake City tend to shimmy and wiggle their way around Utah’s more conservative influences. Nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s vibrant dance scene.

City Guide

Utah Bookstores and More

Books, and the Utahns who love them, live on.

By Hikmet Sidney Loe
POSTED // Jan 4,2010 - A sideways glance at Mark Twain’s quote, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” could easily be applied to the death of the book we’ve heard about for so long.
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