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City Guide

Library Events

Andrew Shaw of the Salt Lake City Public Library brings music to the stacks.

By Lauren Lombardi
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - The Salt Lake City Main Library ventures outside the book binding to host events to enhance the lives of residents.

City Guide

SLC Strip Clubs

Two Live Boobs: Utah’s strip clubs are 99.8 percent on the top shelf.

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - First, the obvious: Welcome to Utah, one of America’s most puckered locales. Maybe you’ve heard rumors about our strip clubs.

City Guide

10 SLC Dining Lists

Your guide to the city’s most seductive cuisine.

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Utah restaurants run the gamut—if you want it, you can probably find it. From African, Greek...

City Guide

SLC Performing Arts

Scene Shapers: Meet Utahns who power Salt Lake City’s performing arts from behind the curtain.

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - The Utah performing-arts scene is as varied as the landscape of the state itself, with artists continually pushing the boundaries...

City Guide

Salt Lake City Art Galleries

Art Stops Here: 10 ways to engage Salt Lake City’s visual-arts scene.

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - The local art scene, along with the rest of the art world, has undergone changes in the past several years...

City Guide

Deena Marie Manzanares: Renaissance Woman

Deena Marie Manzanares performs here, there and everywhere.

By Lauren Lombardi
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - From performing classic burlesque to hoop dances to belly dancing, the Voodoo Darlings is a talented group.

City Guide

Utah Skiing & Snowboarding

Feel bold? Playful? Want pampering? Utah has a ski resort for every mood.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Too many locals—and visitors—acquire a set of limited and boring snowriding habits.

City Guide

Be a Kid Again

Utah wants you to kid around whenever possible.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Face it: You’ve grown up. Whether you like it or not, you have to maintain a semblance of adult dignity.

City Guide

SLC Nightlife

Salt Lake is awake on Saturday and every night.

By Dan Nailen
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - The popular assumption is that partying in Utah just isn’t done, whether due to our peculiar liquor laws, large religious population or lack of hot spots. Au contraire! There’s never been

City Guide

SLC Arts on a Budget

Living Salt Lake City’s cultured life on a shoestring is within reach.

By Jennifer Heaney
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Even with people continuing to tighten their belts as they prepare for what seems to be a long, slow economic recovery...
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