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City Guide

Bar Guide

Dives, high-class joints, sports bars and a bar-crawl planner

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - A "night out" in Salt Lake City doesn't have to involve crazy antics with a carrot-studded green Jell-O salad or playing board games with the family. Some imagine our vibrant nightlife is constrain

City Guide

Explore & Get Active

Activities in the snow and beyond the borders

By Kathleen Curry & Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - Powder Power A guide to Utah's legendary resorts. Without even getting into Utah's claims about "greatest snow on earth," the numbers for Salt Lake City and skiing speak for themselves. Uta

City Guide

Salt Lake City Guide 2011

A Source For Life In Salt Lake City

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // May 24,2011 - A Source For Life In Salt Lake City

City Guide

SLC in 4 Hours

What you must do in Salt Lake City when time is of the essence.

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - If you’ve got four hours of free time in Salt Lake City, you can put it to great use.

City Guide

Mayor Ralph Becker’s Welcome

By Ralph Becker
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Much has changed in the past 12 months. You’ll certainly need this 2011 guide to make sure you’re enjoying all the best...

City Guide

The Politics of SLC

What you can do to make Salt Lake City your city

By Luke Garrott
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Newsflash: Government isn’t the enemy. Bad government is. The beautiful thing about city or municipal government is...

City Guide

Navigating the LGBT City

LGBT? SLC has a rainbow-colored coordinate on its grid for you.

By Gabi Gaston
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Anyone new to town, and even those visiting, become intrigued by Salt Lake City’s inspired grid system. ...

City Guide

Salt Lake City Bars & Eats

In the 'Hood: Finding the happening epicenters in Salt Lake City.

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - The popular assumption is that partying in Utah just isn’t done, whether due to our peculiar liquor laws, large religious population or lack of hot spots.

City Guide

The Geek Show Podcast

Hip to be square: The Geek Show is still winning Utah’s podcast popularity contest.

By Lauren Lombardi
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - About 14 years ago, local media personalities Kerry Jackson, Shannon Barnson, Jeff Vice, Leigh Kade and Scott Pierce began doing a feature program...

City Guide

SLC Dance Clubs

Dance Craze: How to shake it in SLC.

By Jon Paxton
POSTED // Jan 27,2011 - Footloose was filmed in Utah, so you might wonder, is a no-dancing attitude prevalent? Nope.
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