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City Guide

Bar Fest

Find your new favorite SLC hangout

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - Whether you’re in the mood for straight-up drinks, dancing or something new and daring, a Salt Lake City bar has a seat waiting for you. We’ve compiled a list of Salt Lake City’s nightlife spots

City Guide

A Music Oasis

Where to see the nation's top acts, or the next big thing to come out of Utah

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - Given Salt Lake City’s pivotal location in the Intermountain West, it makes logistical sense for touring bands to stop here. But they stop here for more than gas money, because bands love this place.

City Guide

9 Late-Night Eats

A guide to nocturnal noshing in SLC

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - When most of Salt Lake City is eating or relaxing after a long day at the office, Steve Williams is serving up jazz music on KUER 90.1 from 8 p.m. to midnight every weeknight.

City Guide

Feed Your Hunger

Where to shop and eat to satisfy a growling stomach

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - Of course, we all know about terrific markets and groceries large and small, like Caputo’s, Liberty Heights Fresh, Mediterranean Market & Deli and Utah’s own Harmons.

City Guide

What's Your Dilemma?

Local answers to life's little emergencies

By Whitney Forslund
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - Whether you’re new in town or just new to adulthood (no matter your age), we all need useful tips and referrals. And what to do if you don’t have that perfect best friend who has the answers to such crucial questions as,

City Guide

Mural, Mural

Street artists and local businesses help make SLC a city of color

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Feb 18,2013 - Newcomers and even Salt Lake City locals might be surprised to discover there’s a lot more color—literal and figurative—here than they’d previously heard. We’re beginning

City Guide

Welcome to Utah

Favorite Utah places, who's who in the arts

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - What is your Utah “place,” a spot that defines the Salt Lake City or Utah experience for you? What’s your favorite thing to do in the city, or nearby? We asked some of the city’s most interesting people that question, and here’s what they told us.

City Guide

Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

A guide to the grid

By Beth Clifford
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - Most folks who live in Salt Lake City proper are privy to a secret, which is: They live in a place that offers the vitality, accommodations and attractions of a big city—without the hassles.

City Guide

See & Do

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - It is a universal truth—in Hollywood, at least—that new stuff makes people happier and more attractive. That's why no uplifting movie is complete without a shopping montage in which the m

City Guide

Fabulous Food

50 terrific Restaurants, plus Locavore Love

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Feb 16,2012 - For me, eating is not quite the same as dining. There are loads of places to eat, ranging from franchise burger joints to cutting-edge gourmet palaces. When I dine, however, I look for the convergence
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