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Arts & Entertainment

Black Elephant

When it comes to NBA players in Utah, race is still the unspoken big critter in the room.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Jun 29,2007 - As the names of draft picks get read off at the NBA Draft in Madison Square Garden, some of the world’s top basketball players who haven’t heard their names called yet will start worrying about when they will be taken. But, as the picks begin...

Arts & Entertainment

Angels in America

A sojourn takes a spiritual turn for Lebanese artist Marwan Nahle.

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Jun 29,2007 - With a travel itinerary as comprehensive as Lebanese artist Marwan Nahle’s, it comes as no surprise that his work plays like a globe-spanning travelogue. What is more remarkable is the destination at which he has arrived.nnBorn in 1965 in Beirut,...

Arts & Entertainment

Off-Broadway Bound

Plan-B Theatre Company takes a fine-tuned Facing East to New York.

By Rob Tennant
POSTED // Jun 22,2007 - New York is a tough town. Ask any of your friends who moved out for a year or three before getting spit all the way back over the Rockies. The city has a way of expelling the weak. nnNo wonder the cast and crew of Plan-B Theatre Company’s Facing...

Arts & Entertainment

Spirited Away

A little lubrication could aid in the enjoyment of Saturday’s Voyeur 2007.

By Rob Tennant
POSTED // Jun 22,2007 - Salt Lake Acting Company’s perennial Saturday’s Voyeur isn’t so much a piece of musical theater as it is a party, and I’m the guy who forgot to bring booze. The front page of clearly read “BYO food...

Arts & Entertainment

Title Wave

Summer doldrums will give way to 2007’s most anticipated games.

By Charlie Dietch
POSTED // Jun 22,2007 - As a gamer, boredom is the worst feeling ever. You scan your titles, look at your console and sigh. You plop in a disc in the system, sit in your favorite chair and begin yet another NFL season'this time as the San Francisco 49ers, because you’ve...

Arts & Entertainment

Dixie Check

Brave New West seeks a united vision for developing southern Utah.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Jun 18,2007 - About 15 years ago, a lawyer who often did pro bono work for environmental groups said on the subject of setting aside wilderness lands'and the resulting impact on small-town economies in southern Utah'“If those guys can’t make a living down...

Arts & Entertainment

Treasure Chest

Laura Besterfeldt turns nipples into art'for a good cause.

By Cara Despain
POSTED // Jun 18,2007 - At first glance, people with their chests and breasts exposed'lathered in oil and drizzled with hot wax'seems erotic. Walking into this very situation in the front room of Laura Besterfeldt’s apartment is instantly intriguing, to say the least....

Arts & Entertainment

As Salam Alaykum!

Local Muslims turn out for the Salt Lake American-Muslim Cultural Festival.

By Ben Fulton
POSTED // Jun 11,2007 - Depending on whom you ask, Islam is the spiritual lifeblood of more than one-fifth of the world’s population, the greatest threat to Western civilization, a foundation upon which Western civilization was built or simply a public relations nightmare....

Arts & Entertainment

Mixed Double

Alex Caldiero and Frank McEntire hit on a unique collaboration in After the Tree Had Fallen.

By Ann Poore
POSTED // Jun 11,2007 - So, a Mormon sculptor who was once a Hare Krishna devotee and this Sicilian poet who used to be a computer geek go into a bar—make that an art gallery—and they decide to put on a show. The first guy thinks it’s about Kali, Hindu goddess...

Arts & Entertainment

Going for Columbine

Two new novels take differing fictionalized approaches to school shooting tragedies.

By John Freeman
POSTED // Jun 11,2007 - It’s always tricky for a novelist to write about an event heavily covered by the media. Pictures speak louder than words, the clichĂ© goes, yet public traumas deserve novelistic treatment, because only novelists can go inside the heads of participants....
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