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Arts & Entertainment

Empress-ive Return

From burlesque to family theater, a Magna landmark rises again.

By Jenny Poplar
POSTED // Aug 22,2007 - Many architecture enthusiasts insist that while a building may be inanimate, it has its own vibrant life similar to that of a human being. The life story of Magna’s 91-year-old Empress Theatre—which began as a seedy burlesque for miners and...

Arts & Entertainment


It’s no slip of the tongue'Camilla Taylor’s huggable sculptural prints are one of a kind.

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Aug 22,2007 - Artists express their individuality in different ways. Sometimes they need to pull out a dictionary to do it. Phoenix resident Camilla Taylor found she had to move away from native Salt Lake City to redefine her artistic identity, though she still maintains...

Arts & Entertainment

The Grapevine

Globe Trotting

POSTED // Aug 22,2007 - During the past month or so, I’ve been trotting the globe in search of interesting new wines. Well, actually I have been pretty much stuck in Utah. But my palate has been traveling the world, in a virtual sense, tasting vino from Spain to South...

Arts & Entertainment

Funny Business

New comedians'and new venues'dive into the Salt Lake City comedy scene.

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Aug 20,2007 - Apart from a guy in a clown costume and the tall, husky guy with the even huskier ’fro, you can’t tell the comedians from the crowd at Wiseguys open-mic night. Among the four-dozen people gathered in the West Valley comedy club, all look like...

Arts & Entertainment

Big Voices, Small Stage

Energetic performances help Little Shop of Horrors break free of its confines.

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Aug 20,2007 - There’s something almost deliciously ironic about Park City’s Egyptian Theatre—smack in the middle of a ZIP code where the property is worth more than the gross national product of the European Union—trying to pass itself off as...

Arts & Entertainment

The Cowboy Way

Books: Park City author Lannie Scopes turns a search for family history into a Western historical adventure.

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Aug 15,2007 - Lannie Scopes doesn’t seem like a real-estate agent. He seems like a cowboy. It’s not just the wild brush of a silvery mustache, the kind you’d expect to find on an old sepia-tone photograph from the 1800s. There’s also a quiet,...

Arts & Entertainment

Making an Impression

Visual Art: Bill Hosterman brings his innovative printmaking techniques to a local workshop.

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Aug 15,2007 - Salt Lake City galleries and studios have been fortunate enough to host exhibitions and residencies in the past. But how often do we encounter a practitioner who has helped develop a whole new process of creating art? The “drypoint lithography”...

Arts & Entertainment

First Person Plural

Books: Doing the Works of Abraham provides a fascinating, definitive history of Mormon polygamy.

By Geoff Griffin
POSTED // Aug 15,2007 - Throughout its history, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has pursued the seemingly opposing goals of staking out territory as “a peculiar people” with a unique theology while seeking mainstream acceptance. The most dramatic...

Arts & Entertainment


Arts & Culture: Where it’s @ for the week of Aug. 16-22

By Joey Hellrung
POSTED // Aug 15,2007 - Thursday 8.16 Red Butte Garden has forgotten to post one sign on its grounds: “Prepare to leave the gardens with a ‘greenthumb’ inferiority complex.” But, just because experienced gardeners might not achieve a fraction of Red Butte’s...

Arts & Entertainment

Now Voyage

Visual Arts: Salt Lake Art Center’s Leipzig exhibit takes viewers on a trip through vital contemporary works.

By Cara Despain
POSTED // Aug 8,2007 - Despite being sandwiched between two high-traffic downtown gathering spots—the Salt Palace Convention Center and Abravanel Hall—the Salt Lake Art Center is largely and mysteriously an underused cultural attraction. And right now, it happens...
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