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Homeland Insecurity

Immigrant mother struggles to find a safe place for her kids

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Jan 2,2013 - Ana Canenguez wanted to kill herself when she was 7 years old. But, even on tiptoes, she couldn’t quite reach a tin of rat poison on a shelf at the back of a street-corner shack where she lived in Santa Elena, El Salvador.

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Exit America

How to be a 21st-century expatriate

By Alexander Billinis
POSTED // Dec 26,2012 - It was 2006, and I had come “home.” To Greece. No, I was not born there. I was a 36-year-old Salt Laker born and, for the most part, raised in Utah. Aside from dozens of vacations to our summer home in Greece,

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New Year's Eve Guide 2013

How to ring in NYE in SLC

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - Though the jury remains out at press time, we’re operating under the assumption that we can all get over our Mayan fixation and assume there will be a 2013. So now that we’ve kicked one more apocalypse to the curb

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Shake the Room

Nine ways to host the house party of the century

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - Not everyone likes to brave the bars on New Year’s Eve, so for some, throwing a house party is the best option. However, because New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest night-outs of the year,

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Living Large

Prep for 2013 by eating like it's 1999

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - Ah, 1999 ... It’s a vague memory now, but I seem to recall that it was a time before the War on Terror was on everyone’s lips, before the economy went into the crapper

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New Year's Warm-Up

Hot cocktails for the Final moments OF 2012

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - We all know that bubbly for New Year’s Eve is a no-brainer. So, this year, why not use that brain and think a bit out of the box?

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Get Down On the Town

What's happening at your favorite bar on New Year's Eve

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - If you’re itching to hit the town on New Year’s Eve but still haven’t made up your mind about which bar will show you the best time, we pulled together a cheat sheet of many Salt Lake City’s bars’ and clubs’ offerings.

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Auld Lang Syne

Ring in the new year with a live-music party

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Dec 19,2012 - Whether your New Year’s Eve focus is on DJs, bar-hopping, raucous parties (more on those events p. 46) or live music, we’ve got you covered.

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Latter Day Reality

Reality TV & Utah stereotypes

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Dec 12,2012 - Dammit. I was almost on a reality show. A few years ago, when I was working at a newspaper in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., my co-workers and I were approached by a group of Hollywood producers to do a reality show.

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Bleak Forecast

Paul Douglas: Stop denying climate change

By Jim Poyser
POSTED // Dec 5,2012 - Paul Douglas is running against the mainstream grain in two significant ways. One, he is Republican and acknowledges the reality of human-caused climate change.
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