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I Know I'm Invisible

Ignoring SLC's homeless exacts hidden toll in human lives and taxpayer dollars.

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Feb 13,2013 - At first glance, he just looked wasted. A man lay passed out on a curb, unconscious to the world, but with an unlit cigarette clenched between his teeth.

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Insult to Injury

Ten years, two lawsuits and nine attorneys later, Wendy Seegmiller may have gotten her life back after her husband's tragic accident

By Katharine Biele
POSTED // Feb 5,2013 - Wendy Seegmiller never imagined her once-upon-a-time life would come to such an abrupt halt. She never thought the lawyers she counted on would so upend her life. Hers is a twisted saga that s

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Who Deserves Health Care?

UT lawmakers will decide whose lives matter

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Jan 30,2013 - “What’s the good word?” Fourth Street Clinic physician assistant Joel Hunt asks Calvin Davis in the lobby of the Sunrise Metro public-housing complex.

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The surprising unknown history of the NRA

By Steven Rosenfeld
POSTED // Jan 23,2013 - For nearly a century after its founding in 1871, the National Rifle Association was among America’s foremost pro-gun-control organizations. It was not until 1977 that the NRA Americans know today emerged—after libertarians

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Sundance 2013 Finding Your Level

How to find your kind of films at Sundance

By Scott Renshaw & Jeremy Mathews
POSTED // Jan 16,2013 - Picking the right Sundance film requires knowing something about the films. But it also requires knowing something about yourself. What kind of story do you think you’re looking for?

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Sundance 2013: By the Book

What to expect from films based on the source material

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Jan 16,2013 - Obligatory tautological disclaimer: A movie is a movie, and a book is a book. Not only can you not always judge a book by its cover, but you often can’t judge a movie by its book.

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Sundance 2013: Track Records

Let directors' previous works guide you

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Jan 16,2013 - You might not think you’ve seen too many movies by directors in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival lineup—but chances are good that you actually have.

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Sundance 2013: Music Makers

Riots, metal, The Swampers and even The Eagles show up in this year's Sundance Film Festival lineup

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jan 16,2013 - One of my favorite experiences at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival wasn’t a movie or a concert; it was a panel on the subject of comedy in film.

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Broken Link

Ted Wilson gambles it all on SkiLink

By Jason Stevenson
POSTED // Jan 9,2013 - You might call him Mr. Outdoors. Among those who elevated Utah’s reputation as a mountain playground in the mid-1960s, Ted Wilson was famous for pioneering climbing routes in Little Cottonwood Canyon and scouting ski runs

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SkiLink FAQ

Quick answers to your burning questions about SkiLink

By Jason Stevenson
POSTED // Jan 9,2013 - What is SkiLink, and what does it mean for skiers and valley dwellers?
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