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Cover Story

Paying Dues

Local rappers make names for themselves while living in a city that doesn't always get it

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Mar 13,2013 - For the most part, Tavie Mason lives a normal, down-to-earth life. He’s a father of two and works the night shift at a pharmaceutical distribution company in Salt Lake City.

Cover Story

We Were The 99%

Occupy Salt Lake: Where are they now?

By Lexie Levitt
POSTED // Mar 6,2013 - It was a frosty, makes-your-ears-hurt, body-numbing kind of day. But if you’d been walking past West Valley City Hall on Jan. 22, 2013, you’d have seen about 30 demonstrators marching in the cold, holding signs

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Prison Made

From convicted murderer to in-house prison reformer, Paul Payne's not done fighting for his life

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Feb 28,2013 - Paul Payne was 16 the first time he was locked up. Payne was being held in a juvenile detention center for a spree of car break-ins in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colo.

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Feel Good Guide: Kill the Treadmill

16 ways to get fit without a gym

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - Personal fitness is a journey, not a destination spelled G-Y-M. So leave behind that sweat-socks smelling cage with all its menacing machines and consider tap dancing your way to happiness and weight loss.

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Feel Good Guide: Stuck on You

You don't have to be into "chi" to benefit from acupuncture

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - My former roommate, a semi-professional rock climber, had torn a tendon in his finger and was desperate to get back on the rock. He swore by acupuncture as the quickest way to heal from injury.

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Feel Good Guide: It's a Stretch

Yoga is SLC's body, mind and spirit connection

By Jessica Dunn
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - What comes to mind when you hear the word “yoga”? If you’re thinking tight pants, embarrassing poses or impossible levels of flexibility, you’ve apparently missed the memo that yoga is not just a trendy new exercise.

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Feel Good Guide: The Hunch Bunch

Sometimes you need a therapist, sometimes a priest. When do you call a psychic?

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - Whether your relationship is on the rocks or your beloved pet has gone missing, sometimes you need the help of an adviser who relies on hunches or intuition to guide you and bring you comfort.

Cover Story

Feel Good Guide 2013

On the road to feeling good

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - Feeling good isn’t a reward for being hard on yourself. It’s not about discipline, depriving yourself or militaristic training, nor is it about bacchanalian eating and drinking.

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Feel Good Guide: Vice Squad

How to kick the bad habits and clean up your life

By Sarah Kramer
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - February is littered with the tombstones of failed resolutions: Here lie abandoned gym memberships and nicotine patches. Empty bottles mark attempts to cut back; self-help books make their way to the bottom of the stack. But the year is young and there is still hope for a better 2013!

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Feel Good Guide: Live Free & Diet Hard

Find help with your 21st-century diet in Salt Lake City.

By Nicole McDonald
POSTED // Feb 20,2013 - Whether you’re looking to slim your waistline, improve your overall health or just challenge yourself to try something new, veganism, eating gluten-free, raw foodism and the paleolithic diet are
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