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Cover Story


You see trash. Someone else sees a way to stay alive.

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Jun 19,2013 - I did some dumpster diving back in high school, though we didn’t call it dumpster diving. We didn’t call it anything, really; we were just kids who would occasionally come upon awesome trash.

Cover Story

Frack You

Filmmaker Josh Fox Battles the oil industry to warn about the dangers of fracking

By Matthew Schniper
POSTED // Jun 12,2013 - Of all things flammable in the wide world, tap water shouldn’t be one of them. At least that’s the consensus—call it crazy—among environmentalists and fracking foes, for whom the phenomenon,

Cover Story

Money Train

Critics complain that UTA cronies keep taking taxpayers for a ride

By Katharine Biele
POSTED // May 29,2013 - For years, Liesa Manuel took the bus and train from her home in Rose Park to her job at a credit union on Highland Drive—10 miles away. If everything went smoothly, it took her an hour. But it rarely went smoothly.

Cover Story

Hacker Valley

A gang of Utah tech geeks might be your computer's-and the country's-last line of defense

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // May 22,2013 - Hackers are among us: shopping at the same grocery stores, sharing buses with us, even working in our offices. As you read this, your son or daughter may be experimenting with basic computer

Cover Story

Par For The Course

Utah's attorneys general, past and present, learn the high cost of a free golf vacation

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // May 15,2013 - Many of us enjoy vacation “bragging rights” and happily post photos of landmarks and the meals we ate on Facebook. There are three people, however, who likely wish the news of their 2009 California vacation

Cover Story

Shadow of Guilt

Until the Utah Supreme Court weighs in on her factual innocence, Debra Brown lives one day at a time.

By Justin Higginbottom
POSTED // May 8,2013 - “The last day in prison is a day I will never forget,” Debra Brown says. There was some initial confusion that day, May 9, 2011, when Utah State Prison guards took Brown out a different way from where prisoners are normally

Cover Story

Disposable Dad

Even With Court-ordered Visitation Rights, This Divorced Father Still Got Dumped By His Kids.

By Carolyn Campbell
POSTED // Apr 24,2013 - Dave Jones (not his real name) appears calm and accomplished. A Wyoming native who grew up loving the ranch life, he now owns his own business in South Salt Lake, teaching workplace safety

Cover Story

Johnny's Rotten

Johnny Bangerter wants to move forward as an activist but just can't shake his racist punk past

By Jesse Fruhwirth
POSTED // Apr 10,2013 - Johnny Bangerter was the man with the plan to take over and occupy Zion Canyon as a whites-only homeland—at least, that was the tagline attached to Bangerter’s name whenever the media described him in the early ’90s.

Cover Story

A Lesson in Change

Principal Ike Spencer and his faculty show what it takes to turn around a struggling west-side school

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Apr 3,2013 - In his first weeks as principal at West Lake Junior High, Ike Spencer learned that student gang members controlled a certain hallway, preventing other kids from using it.

Cover Story

Bunker Hill

The 2013 Legislature hunkered down against the feds, socialism and a gun-grabby White House.

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Mar 21,2013 - The world didn’t end in December 2012, as the Mayans predicted, or with the re-election of Barack Obama, but no one told the Utah Legislature.
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