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Cover Story

Mental Hell at Valley Mental Health

Cut backs eliminated programs; clients have yet to recover.

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // May 19,2010 - Attorney Lynda Krause sat with her arms crossed in the reception area of Valley Mental Health's Midvale offices and watched her sister have a meltdown.

Cover Story

Animal Activists Fight for Their Own Rights

Some Utah animal advocates fear being put in a legal cage.

By Jesse Fruhwirth
POSTED // May 12,2010 - In June 2008, Jeremy Beckham took a day trip from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia ...

Cover Story

How 9 Utahns Survived Being Shot

Nine Lives: Cheating death, surviving anguish and living with new purpose.

By Carolyn Campbell & Austen Diamond
POSTED // Apr 28,2010 - The nine Utahns we talked to learned this firsthand. Several truly cheated death; others still suffer pain or have lost use of vital body parts.

Cover Story

Utah ACLU: All Bark

Advocates worry that the ACLU of Utah has lost its bite.

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Apr 21,2010 - Carol Gnade may have come to Utah for the skiing, but she stayed for the civil-liberties abuses—or, more accurately, to defend against them ...

Cover Story

Gambling in Utah

Utah Hold ‘Em: Games of chance are illegal in Utah, but some players like their odds.

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Apr 14,2010 - I wasn’t thrilled to be out in an April evening snowstorm, tired, edgy and rushed—the only dinner I’d eaten was the smell of my wife’s lasagna...

Cover Story

End of an Era: John Saltas Sells City Weekly

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buys Salt Lake City's alternative weekly.

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Mar 31,2010 - Today was bound to come. Things have been pretty good at City Weekly during a very difficult time in the newspaper industry ...

Cover Story

Judge Dread: Michael Kwan

If you're getting high while enrolled in Taylorsville drug court, Michael Kwan may make your life hell. Or not.

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Mar 24,2010 - Taylorsville Justice Court Judge Michael Kwan wants to know where the drug-court defendant got his meth. The man says that he got it at a 7-Eleven ...

Cover Story

Utah Legislative Wrap-Up 2010

All Hail Utah: This year, legislators made their gun slinging, fetus-protecting, climate-change denying pride loud and clear.

By Josh Loftin
POSTED // Mar 17,2010 - It snows and temperatures hover around freezing during Utah’s winters. Come summer, the mercury can top 100 degrees ...

Cover Story

What Happened To 2010 Citizen Lobbyists

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Mar 17,2010 - Gay activist Eric Ethington feels he, and the LGBT community got screwed this year. “It seemed like the Legislature did not take much input from their constituents...

Cover Story

The Bad, Worse and Truly Evil

Ethical lapses dominate a session in which the little guy really got screwed.

By Jesse Fruhwirth
POSTED // Mar 17,2010 - It’s ironic that the two men tasked with sponsoring, defending and ultimately passing ethics reform legislation this session were each caught in salacious scandals ...
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