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Rape in Utah

1 in 8 women will be raped, but few will ever see justice

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Dec 31,2013 - In the early hours of Feb. 5, 2012, a group of young women found Jessica Ripley curled up on the ground in the parking garage of the Shilo Inn in downtown Salt Lake City.

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Utah 2013: The Year-End Quiz

Think you know what happened locally in 2013? Test your knowledge of the year

By Bill Frost
POSTED // Dec 26,2013 - Adding to an already cold, wet and miserable January, northern Utah was hit with several “upside-down” snowstorms, which means ...

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New Year's Eve 2014

How to bring in 2014 in Salt Lake City

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - Maybe 2013 has been your best year ever, and you want to give it a fitting celebratory send-off. Or perhaps you’re so happy to see 2013 go, you hope the door hits it in the ass on the way out.

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New Year's Eve 2014: EVE SLC

The state's biggest party celebrates its fifth year with something for everyone

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - Five years may be too early for an event to be considered an “institution.” But it’s long enough for EVE Salt Lake City to be established as Salt Lake City’s showcase blowout for ringing in the new year.

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New Year's Eve 2014: The Bubble Bureau

Getting the skinny on NYE's favorite beverage

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - For many people, sparkling wine is something rarely partaken of—usually just at weddings and on New Year’s Eve. For others, myself included, bubbly is a beverage jones to indulge often.

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New Year's Eve 2014: Call it a Night

Put on your best dress-or your bolo tie-and step out to a NYE party

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - Plenty of spots will be rolling out the red carpet this year, and choosing where best to pop the bubby can be a tough choice. The following rundown includes some of the finest all-inclusive shindigs Utah has to offer—from salsa lessons to cowboy balls.

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New Year's Eve 2014: Ring in the Music

A rundown of concerts to help you plan a musical New Year's Eve.

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - Think about it: The concert you see on New Year’s Eve will be the final concert you see in 2013. Wouldn’t you want to see your 2013 concert résumé go out with a bang?

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New Year's Eve 2014: Bar Blitz

Where to close down the night come Dec. 31

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Dec 19,2013 - Drinking at home while you watch the ball drop has its pleasures, sure, but for those who never say no to going out, there’s a bar party with your name on it.

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David Fetzer's Last Act

A mother's tale of a life and a talent taken too soon by painkillers

By Betsy Ross
POSTED // Dec 11,2013 - At 7 a.m. on Dec. 20, 2012, I walked downstairs in my usual morning daze to feed our cat, Hussy. Turning to go back upstairs, I saw that my son David, visiting for the holidays, had fallen asleep at h

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Crazy Pills

A Utah multilevel-marketing company has a multivitamin to "fix" your mental illness

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Nov 27,2013 - At an October charity walk in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park, a cheerful woman is stopping passersby to tell them something miraculous: “It’s for schizophrenia, it’s for bipolar
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