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Cover Story

Losing Faith

Finding a new path without God

By Greg Wilcox
POSTED // Jan 11,2012 - A Mormon missionary who loses his faith while out in the field has picked a strange time to abandon his beliefs.

Cover Story

Deserted News

Deseret News, 1 year after mass layoffs

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Jan 5,2012 - Some opined that the pink-slip massacre at Utah's second largest, and longest-running, daily newspaper was pure cost-cutting.

Cover Story

Year in Review 2011

A bleary look back at '11

By Bill Frost
POSTED // Dec 29,2011 - The Hangover: A bleary look back at the past 12 months.

Cover Story

New Year's Eve 2012

All you need to ring in NYE in SLC

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Dec 22,2011 - Some would have us believe that 2012 brings with it the end times for life on Earth. If that is so—or even if it isn’t—might as well treat Dec. 31 as your last, best chance to celebrate the arrival of a new year.

Cover Story

Mormon Celebrity Meltdown

A drug-fueled journey through LDS film

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Dec 14,2011 - On June 1, 2007, at 8 a.m., Michael Birkeland blearily opened his eyes to a clear blue sky. He was lying naked in a field in Orem, his clothes scattered around him, his car a few yards away, the engine still running.

Cover Story

Swift Justice

Cache Co. 5 years after immigration raid

By Matthew D. LaPlante
POSTED // Dec 7,2011 - Today, many of those who were arrested in the raids are back in Cache County, living deeper in the shadows and closer to the edge of desperation.

Cover Story

Love Supreme

Joy & torment in letters from Allgier

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Dec 1,2011 - On Maxine McNeeley's 71st birthday, inmate Curtis Allgier sang her a love song he had written over the phone from the Salt Lake County lockup.

Cover Story

The New U

U & Pac-12 isn't just about football

By Dan Nailen
POSTED // Nov 23,2011 - When it comes to college football, there’s little arguing that bigger is better. Schools across the country—a legion of wannabe USCs—are navigating their way into new conference affiliations

Cover Story

Special Service

Utah's vets: Justice or free pass?

By Matthew D. LaPlante
POSTED // Nov 9,2011 - John Baxter did everything he could to get into the fight. He volunteered for the Marines after high school. He signed on with a unit that was headed to Vietnam.

Cover Story

Election 2011: Ralph Becker

Life in the middle with SLC Mayor Ralph Becker: Liberals can't love him, and conservatives can't hate him.

By Katharine Biele
POSTED // Nov 2,2011 - There’s an old joke circulating around Salt Lake City at the mayor’s expense. An architect, an engineer and a planner all die and go to heaven.
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