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The House That Built Me

Larger-than-life renovation became a potter's magnum opus

By Stephen Speckman
POSTED // Mar 7,2012 - The first sign that something was wrong was when the middle finger on potter Ben Behunin’s right hand suddenly felt stiff and sore. The pain in his hand, curled around the inside of a bowl he’d made and was wrapping for a customer

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Critics are building its replacements

By Nick Pinto
POSTED // Feb 29,2012 - On a cold Friday evening in February two years ago, with a historic blizzard bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard, a small crowd of people bundled into a New York University lecture hall to hear a talk that would become something of a legend, a shot heard ‘round the Internet.

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Sweetheart Swindlers

Smart women can be easy prey

By Carolyn Campbell
POSTED // Feb 22,2012 - Women getting conned out of their money by men may be an age-old story, but today’s cyber-dating and night-club jungle create only more cover for modern scalawags, as women search for soul mates in a realm where it’s commonplace to embellish and lie outright.

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City Weekly Music Awards

CWMA 2012 winners & more

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Feb 15,2012 - From the simmering sonic soup of local music, and out of the reverb, smoke, fist-pumps and glitter, emerges … The Chosen One.

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Occupy America

A Proposal for the next step

By Steven T. Jones, Tim Redmond & Yael Chanoff
POSTED // Feb 8,2012 - All across the country, Occupy organizers are developing and implementing creative ways to connect and come together, many of which we drew from for our proposal.

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Deportation Factory: Convention Against Torture Motion

A legal brief explaining one man's fear of returning to Mexico

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Feb 2,2012 - In the wake of the five years of President Felipe Calderon's "war on drugs," the daily headlines of murders, violence and human-rights violations in Mexico have illustrated with disturbing clarity how violence has apparently seeped through the governmental and law-enforcement structures of Mexico as drug cartels have gained increasing hold on the country's affairs.

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Deportation Factory: Exceptional & Unusual Hardship

Family wins appeal to stay in United States

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Feb 2,2012 - Attorneys argue that immigration judges often impose too high a standard on what Congress has already defined as a very difficult obstacle to families staying in the United States. In the following documents, attorney Jonny Benson appeals Judge Dustin Pead's decision to deport "Pedro."

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Deportation Factory

In immigration court, few find second chances

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Feb 1,2012 - From removal statistics received through an open-records request, out of 7,383 people the Salt Lake City court ordered deported between 2009 and 2011, 6,020 did not have counsel.

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The Wild Bunch

Public lands office goes in guns blazing, hiring cronies and sparing no taxpayer expense fighting the feds

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Jan 26,2012 - The tug-of-war for land will continue under PLPCO's new director, former national BLM director Kathleen Clarke...

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Sundance 2012 Showdowns

More bang for your film buck

By Scott Renshaw & Jeremy Mathews
POSTED // Jan 19,2012 - If you're facing the question of how to choose between two films that seem superficially similar, and your time and resources are limited...
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