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Cover Story

Mitt, the Mormons & Me

Chris Vanocur reflects on breaking a story that eventually would change history

By Chris Vanocur
POSTED // Aug 15,2012 - Two events of note happen this month. One is a big deal: Mitt Romney will become the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major American political party. The other is significant only to me

Cover Story

The Rainbow Bridge

A band of Mormons rally to keep gays from leaving the fold

By Carolyn Campbell
POSTED // Aug 8,2012 - Martha Arndt had no idea whether she would be booed or simply given a stone-cold reception when she decided to march with the group Mormons Building Bridges in the June 2012 Pride Parade.

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Warped Desire

Inside the mind of a child pornographer

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Aug 1,2012 - On Jan. 10, 2010, Antonio Cardenas borrowed his brother’s car to drive from their mother’s house in West Valley City to a surprise birthday party in Riverton for a 12-year-old boy he had once mentored.

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Outdoor Retailer Out?

Why the trade show may leave Utah

By Jason Stevenson
POSTED // Jul 25,2012 - A Badge Gets You In. Without it, you’re stuck on the sidewalk outside the Salt Palace, gazing up at the glass silos plastered with banners of sleek, spandex-clad athletes.

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ALEC Is Coming

Legislation machine descends upon Utah

By Katharine Biele
POSTED // Jul 11,2012 - In a 1995 editorial cartoon, a man holds a sign with an arrow: “Access This Way.” That arrow points to a banner: “Government of the Corporate—Buy the Access for the Power.”

Cover Story

Sign of the Times

Salt Lakers' obsession with nostalgia

By Stephen Speckman
POSTED // Jul 5,2012 - You know that guy—or maybe you are that guy—who occasionally has to push-start his old Volkswagen bus before it goes sputtering down the road.

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Ashley Sanders: Rebel Belle

Giving political activism her best shot

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Jun 27,2012 - As several young men push a big-wheeled circus wagon up the driveway of a small house in South Salt Lake, smiles and applause break out among the gathered political activists.

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Phone Predators

Utah's telemarketing wolf packs

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Jun 20,2012 - On Feb. 24, 2011, federal agents simultaneously raided the telemarketing offices of Ivy Capital Inc. in California, Utah and Nevada.

Cover Story

Dialing for Dollars

Utah's telemarketing "flop-portunity" industry continues to phone in support from Utah politicos

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Jun 13,2012 - A conservative politician had better be pro-business. In terms of garnering campaign donations—the fuel that drives candidates to election-time victories—being pro-business is being pro-money.

Cover Story

Heavy Metal

History re-enactors protest 21st century

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // May 30,2012 - In the heart of a red rock canyon just outside of Moab, on a recent May weekend, a cavalcade of cars are making their way to a campground on a strip of land that hugs the banks of the Colorado River. The entrance to Kane Springs Campground is marked “private,” with a small painted sign taped to a fence post that reads “SCA.” Typically, you’d find off-road enthusiasts, hikers and mountain bikers flocking to this scenic locale. But on this particular weekend, the campground has been transformed from a grassy field to an ancient realm, populated by medieval knights, archers, dancers, artisans and nobles.
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