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Cover Story

Election Guide: Hopey-Changey Obama

Todd Weiler decodes Hopey-Changey Obama

By Todd Weiler
POSTED // Oct 31,2012 - City Weekly asked Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, to translate some selected excerpts of President Barack Obama’s 2012 Democratic National Convention speech to distill meaning from the hope-y-change-y rhetoric.

Cover Story

Election Guide: Romney Rhetoric

Jason Williams Decodes Romney Rhetoric

By Jason Williams
POSTED // Oct 31,2012 - City Weekly asked Jason Williams, liberal blogger at, to translate the meaning of the Mittster’s words at the Republican National Convention.

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An Audit they Couldn't Refuse

To help a church friend, Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell put DCFS on the hot seat

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Oct 17,2012 - On Jan. 18, 2012, at the end of a long day of medical testimony, “John Doe” took the stand in 2nd District juvenile courtroom in Farmington.

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Cinco on the Brink

5 first-time Latino legislative candidates

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Oct 11,2012 - Even in Utah, where the (D) beside the name of a candidate is generally all it takes to lose an election, there remains a corner of Salt Lake City filled with unabashed, boisterous Democrats: the Latino Democrats of the new organization PACE Latino (Political Action & Civic Engagement)

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The Mormon Masterpiece

Joseph Smith was prophet, seer and artist

By Mike Furness
POSTED // Oct 3,2012 - On a spring day in 1820, Joseph Smith walked into the woods near his home in Palmyra, N.Y., and knelt down to pray. While on his knees within this grove of trees, he claims to have not only seen, but spoken with, God and Jesus Christ

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Lost In the Hole

Mentally ill felons locked in own hell

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Sep 26,2012 - Laura Boswell followed two corrections officers through a series of sliding doors into a silent, two-tiered hall, lined with 11 closed, solid-steel doors. One, on the bottom right, stood open.

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Sugar Daddy

Utahns are looking for the sweet life

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Sep 19,2012 - As we sit outside on a bar patio in downtown Salt Lake City in mid-July, Ron’s wedding band keeps a rhythm as he taps his fingers against his glass of Diet Coke.

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Toxic Secret in Sandy

Dry-cleaning chemicals fester beneath Canyon Shopping Center

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Aug 29,2012 - In December 2009, Rachel Bartnicki was attending her daughter’s Christmas carol recital when her cell phone began to ring. Her Italian ice cream parlor in Sandy’s Canyon Shopping Center on 9400 South had flooded

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Protect Yourself With GRAMA

Let public records come to your rescue

By Eric S. Peterson
POSTED // Aug 22,2012 - In 2011, the Utah Legislature tried to smother Utah’s GRAMA—the Government Records & Access Management Act—with a big fat pillow called House Bill 477.

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GRAMA ombudsman answers questions

By Kelly Cannon
POSTED // Aug 22,2012 - Rosemary Cundiff was appointed as the state GRAMA ombudsman as part of Senate Bill 177 to help members of the public, government records officers and journalists use and navigate GRAMA law.
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