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5 Spot

The art of peace & aikido at Utah Aikikai

Dojo members will perform at Saturday's Nihon Matsuri festival

By Hilary Packham
POSTED // Apr 23,2014 - At Utah Aikikai, you’ll find sensei Rick Berardini and senior instructor Marc Fisher, who live and teach the art of peace—the Japanese martial art of aikido.

5 Spot

Cat Litter From Coal Ash

Local chemist Jessica McKelvie finds purr-fect solution

By Rachel Piper
POSTED // Apr 17,2014 - A Westminster grad and a cat owner, Jessica McKelvie is also a process chemist for local cat-litter company Purr-fect Solutions. The litter, launched in late 2013, is made with a fly ash, a waste product of coal

5 Spot

Ryan Nicodemus: Living as a minimalist

Living a simpler life can expose what's truly important

By Deann Armes
POSTED // Apr 9,2014 - Ryan Nicodemus, along with childhood friend Joshua Millburn, are known by followers as The Minimalists. In their new book, the two write about their journey from suit & tie corporate guys with big houses and shiny new cars to a life adhering to minimalism.

5 Spot

Rinda Ungricht & Laurie-Lynn Macdonald of SLC Groove

Creating Dance Moves That Fit Everyone's Style

By Kecianne Shick
POSTED // Apr 2,2014 - Anyone who’s struggled to keep up during complicated Zumba routines or avoided dance classes like the plague will bless Misty Tripoli, the Salt Lake City native who created Groove,

5 Spot

Brandon Gibson of the U's Competitive-Gaming Team

Not your stereotypical nerd gamers

By Scott Morris
POSTED // Mar 26,2014 - Video games are long past the nerds-in-the-basement stereotypes, and as gamers become more mainstream, competitive gaming—also called E-sports—has been gaining attention. E-sport players compete for thousands

5 Spot

Shar Sweeney: The 11th Hour Program

Supporting patients in their final moments of life

By Joe'l Evans
POSTED // Mar 20,2014 - Shar Sweeney helped form the nationally recognized 11th Hour Program, which trains volunteers to be on hand to assist and comfort individuals who are undergoing the dying process.

5 Spot

Fraser Nelson of Love UT, Give UT

Everybody wins when nonprofits compete for new donors

By Rachel Piper
POSTED // Mar 12,2014 - When you think of nonprofits, you might think of gentle, soft-spoken folks working together to save crippled kittens. But on March 20, Utah’s nonprofits will engage in a knock-down drag-out fight for donors—sort of. It’s the second year of Love UT, Give UT, a 24-hour funding drive for Utah-based nonprofits that specifically benefit Utah.

5 Spot

Ty Markham of the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance

LDS people should step up to rally for our Earth's protection

By Rachel Piper
POSTED // Mar 5,2014 - Longtime nature-lover Ty Markham converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while in high school and fell in love with Utah while attending BYU. Now, she runs a bed & breakfast in Torrey, near Capitol Reef National Park, and is the co-chair director of the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance.

5 Spot

Andrea Malouf of the Community Writing Center

CWC helps community members find their writing voice

By Rachel Piper
POSTED // Feb 26,2014 - The Community Writing Center is a cozy little building in Library Square filled with books and couches, but it’s not the home of an exclusive literary conclave.

5 Spot

Ericka Clay, founder of Tipsy Lit

Pairing up two great hobbies: reading and drinking

By Ana Bentz
POSTED // Feb 19,2014 - Ericka Clay wears many hats, both in her everyday life and the blogosphere: author, mother, wife and business owner, plus founder and editor of Tipsy Lit is an online book club and blog where every kind of book lover and aspiring writer is invited to knock back a few and discuss literature—all while never leaving the comfort of their home. Clay assigns the books each month and provides writing prompts along the way; she also writes her own witty posts on Tipsy Lit and runs a social-media consulting agency.
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