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The Pleasure Thieves

SLC rockers prove The Empire Never Ended on debut album.

By Gavin Sheehan
POSTED // Jul 26,2012 - Some things are just better if you wait long enough—like a good whiskey, a bottle of French wine or, in some cases, a band.

Music Articles

The Bouncing Souls

Still punk after all these (25) years

By Kelly Cannon
POSTED // Jul 19,2012 - The Bouncing Souls have seen pretty much everything that the music industry has to offer—both good and bad.

Music Articles

Summer 2012 Music Fests

Nearby music-fest road trips

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jul 17,2012 - With Desert Rocks Festival and the Ogden Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival from oh-so-early in the summer behind us, the festival outlook for these hot, hot months might seem bleak. Two words: road trip!

Music Articles

Raphael Saadiq

Rebirth of a Soul Man

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Jul 12,2012 - Raphael Saadiq sighs over the phone; I just had to ask him about his separation from the celebrated ’80s R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! and of the possibility of a reunion tour.

Music Articles

Stretch Armstrong & Swim Herschel Swim

Legendary Utah ska bands return

By Portia Early
POSTED // Jul 12,2012 - A little over 20 years ago, Provo was endearingly called “The Ska Capitol of Utah”—and its renown in the genre extended nationwide.

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Juana Ghani

Gypsy collective releases new CD

By Savannah Turk
POSTED // Jul 11,2012 - For Juana Ghani, too much is never enough. While some bands stop at, say, five members, Juana Ghani has 11.

Music Articles

No Te Va Gustar

Latin band's first Utah appearance

By Stephen Dark
POSTED // Jul 5,2012 - When Emiliano Brancciari left his mother’s home in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1997 and crossed La Plata River to live with his father in Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Music Articles

Tom Petty Tribute

July's Provo Rooftop Concert

By Dan Nailen
POSTED // Jul 5,2012 - Depending on when a person is introduced to Tom Petty’s music, one might know him as an aggressive garage-rocker, a pensive, acoustic-based songsmith, an early MTV pop-rock icon or the lucky SOB

Music Articles

Beach House

Dream-pop duo headlines Twilight opener

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jul 3,2012 - The first memorable post on Beach House’s Tumblr page recently was a YouTube clip of Suzanne Ciani—a “crazy, synth-specialist lady from the ’70s and ’80s, who’s clearly stoned out of her mind”—on David Letterman circa 1980.

Music Articles

Dusk Raps

Local's clinic of pure hip-hop

By Gavin Sheehan
POSTED // Jun 28,2012 - A local hip-hop artist has a brand-new album—seems common enough. But wait—what makes this occasion monumental is that it’s the very first solo effort from one of the scene’s most influential members.
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