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Flying Lotus

Enigmatic electronica wanderer goes higher

By Reyan Ali
POSTED // Oct 18,2012 - Steven Ellison hates Superman. “He has too many powers,” Ellison reasons, and it’s “fucked up” that the only thing that can actually kill the hero is a rock found on a foreign planet.

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Billy Joe Shaver

Delivers a licking & keeps cracking country wise

By Chris Parker
POSTED // Oct 18,2012 - Billy Joe Shaver would make a great wingman. He’s seen more honky-tonks than a beer distributor and, even at 73, he can handle himself in a bar fight.

Music Articles

Book on Tape Worm

New tunes from Provo slumber-pop band

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Oct 11,2012 - The band’s lush music could easily lull someone into slumber. Not because it’s boring but because the tempo is mellow and the sounds are supremely beautiful. It’s as if your mother were reading bedtime stories

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Jason Anderson

Singer-songwriter remembers everything

By Brian Staker
POSTED // Oct 11,2012 - Anderson says he might have been to Salt Lake City more than any other town.

Music Articles


Pop diva is a master of looping

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Oct 5,2012 - Pop diva Kimbra is usually backed by a full band during her dynamic live shows, but not out of necessity. She reveals her true abilities as an artist when she steps up to an iPad and an arsenal of loop pedals ...

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Rich Wyman

Pianist to release Good Company

By Frances Moody
POSTED // Oct 4,2012 - Every morning, Rich Wyman wakes up and soaks up the latest updates from his favorite news source, Democracy Now!.

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'90s modern-rock pioneers return

By Rachel Piper
POSTED // Oct 4,2012 - A heady mix of pop, proto-goth, electronica and alt-rock, Garbage has sold 13 million records over the course of their career

Music Articles

Marilyn Manson

Manson opens up on Born Villain

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Sep 28,2012 - Marilyn Manson only works the night shift. He swears he rarely sees the sun. A fellow music journalist from Los Angeles—we’ll call him Juan Sweathog—told City Weekly that he was once invited into Manson’s home

Music Articles

The Piano Guys

Utah YouTube phenoms release album

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Sep 27,2012 - Just last week, Paul Anderson received a complaint—one of many he’s gotten recently. A schoolteacher in St. George called him and said that because of The Piano Guys, there aren’t enough cellos for all the students requesting them

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Tod A says bye-bye to the U.S. of A.

By Chris Haire
POSTED // Sep 20,2012 - And even though Tod's now an expat, he still cares about what happens back home.
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