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Music Articles

Dave "Gruber" Allen

What's on Your iPod, Naked Trucker?

By Randy Harward
POSTED // May 30,2013 - “Is your name Dave?” “It is!” Dave “Gruber” Allen replied. He has the same friendly demeanor as Jeff Rosso, the high school counselor he played on the beloved canceled-too-soon series Freaks & Geeks.

Music Articles

Ogden Music Festival

The sweet spot of intimacy & popularity

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // May 30,2013 - Michelle Tanner was at Pickin’ in the Pines, a bluegrass- and acoustic-music festival based in Flagstaff, Ariz., listening to Dan Kruger’s banjo, when she felt so moved that she decided to take action.

Music Articles

Juicy J

2nd act of rapper's career is his best

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // May 23,2013 - Right now, no rapper is hustling harder than the godfather of Southern-crunk: Jordan Houston, aka Juicy J. His highly anticipated third studio album, Stay Trippy, drops in July; Washington Post named his lead single, “Bandz a Make

Music Articles

Sea Wolf

Alex Brown Church takes time to get it right

By Brian Palmer
POSTED // May 23,2013 - To hear Alex Brown Church, the singer and lead songwriter of the indie-rock band Sea Wolf, talk, it’s no surprise that almost three years elapsed between his latest release, Old World Romance, and the previous record,

Music Articles

Mariachi Divas

Female ensemble headlines Living Traditions

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // May 16,2013 - Seeing the Mariachi Divas onstage for the first time probably makes many people do a double-take. Not only is each of the 15 musicians female—rare in the male-dominated genre of mariachi music

Music Articles

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Tom Fec experiments with the bizarre

By Brian Staker
POSTED // May 16,2013 - Tom Fec of Black Moth Super Rainbow has always been a musical chameleon, but then, his music is like the field recordings at a sanitarium—if there were an early-’70s dance party going on—with period synthesizers

Music Articles

Brad Wheeler & Willie Nelson

Local DJ plays harmonica for legend

By John Paul Brophy
POSTED // May 9,2013 - Willie Nelson had a birthday April 30—no doubt one that was filled with gifts, wrapped and/or rolled.

Music Articles

Folk Hogan

SLC folk-punk band's motto: "FUN!"

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // May 9,2013 - Sitting around a firepit at The Woodshed with local folk-punk five-piece Folk Hogan is comparable to gathering with a troop of grizzled fisherman to swap tall tales—it’s a type of storytelling where the line

Music Articles

Os Mutantes

Brazilian's band's musical evolution

By Katherin Nelson
POSTED // May 9,2013 - Although today, Brazil’s proclivity for exporting hot beauty trends, Victoria’s Secret models and good music has made it commonplace for Americans to treat their tresses with formaldehyde and their nether regions with wax

Music Articles

Junior Brown

Rockin' country legend is the real deal

By Randy Harward
POSTED // May 9,2013 - Clad in a respectable, gentlemanly suit accessorized with a smartly worn cowboy hat, Junior Brown cuts a fatherly, 1950s figure. His resonant baritone is mellow, with just a hint of don’t-fuck-with-me-and-I-won’t-fuck-with-you attitude—and a wickedly dry sense of humor.
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