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Protect Your Ears

Earplugs for playing music & going to concerts

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jun 26,2013 - The speakers are screaming, and you’re in front of an ear-splitting drummer who’s pounding away as if he’s Thor. So, you stuff some toilet paper in your ears. We’ve all been there. It’s something, but better solutions abound.

Music Articles

Utah Arts Fest: Local Music

Show Me Island, Big Blue Ox, Otter Creek, Minx

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Jun 20,2013 - This six-member ska/reggae outfit, led by singer Lauren Hoyt, just released a self-titled album in May, and the nine songs are catchy examples of ska’s continual strong presence in Utah.

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The SteelDrivers

Arts Fest headliners create tunes for bluegrass veterans and newbies

By Savannah Turk
POSTED // Jun 20,2013 - “When I first heard The Beatles, I said, ‘I think I want to do that,’ ” Mike Fleming says in his Missouri/Tennessee accent about his entrance into the world of music.

Music Articles

Swamp Cabbage

Swamp Cabbage wants to take you to the Florida backwoods

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Jun 20,2013 - There’s something about the swamp—the place and the sound. It’s dark, it’s grimy, it’s sinister. And it’s beautiful. “The sonic, emotional vibe of the swamp is [a feeling of] imminent danger,” says Walter Parks

Music Articles

Father John Misty

Joshua Tillman is thought-provoking in social media and song.

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jun 13,2013 - It’s either beautifully brilliant or ridiculously irrelevant, and Joshua Tillman, aka Father John Misty, entertains both of these two not-mutually-exclusive viewpoints regarding whom he follows on Twitter.

Music Articles

The Blue Aces

All rock & roll, no rocker lifestyle

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Jun 13,2013 - When I met with Orem-based all-girl band The Blue Aces at the downtown Coffee Garden for an interview, I never would’ve guessed ...

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Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Indie-rockers seduce/surprise listeners

By Brian Palmer
POSTED // Jun 13,2013 - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals are clearly doing something right. The indie-rock five-piece has been seen and heard just about everywhere the past few years, including on TV shows The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Music Articles


Local heavy-rock band releases CD

By Gavin Sheehan
POSTED // Jun 6,2013 - Like a hurricane hitting a shore, the heavy-rock Salt Lake City band Light/Black has rolled into the local music scene and left a path of musical destruction in its wake.

Music Articles

They Might Be Giants

Finding ways to rock every generation

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Jun 6,2013 - If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, you more than likely have some distant memory of a music video called “Particle Man” from the Warner Bros. cartoon show Tiny Toon Adventures.

Music Articles

Crystal Fighters

Culture-devouring folk-pop

By Reyan Ali
POSTED // Jun 6,2013 - Should you ever forget what’s hot in contemporary pop music, crank up Crystal Fighters’ “I Love London.” The track, which appears on Fighters’ 2010 full-length debut, Star of Love,
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