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Music Articles

Tolchock Trio Final Show

One band's move to L.A. marks the end of an era, and Tolchock Trio.

By Dan Nailen
POSTED // Aug 1,2013 - When drummer Dan Thomas moved to Salt Lake City from Minneapolis in August 2000, he already had a plan to start a band with friends Oliver Lewis and Ryan Fedor.

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Medeski Martin & Wood

Avant-jazz/funk outfit is no party band

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jul 31,2013 - Avant-jazz and funk ensemble Medeski Martin & Wood are tired of being labeled a party band—which may be why Salt Lake City is the band’s only scheduled stateside stop this summer.

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DigiTech's John Johnson

DigiTech founder is back in the guitar-effects-pedal game

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jul 25,2013 - The walls of John Johnson’s basement music room at his Sandy home are not decorated with autographed photos from the many musicians he’s worked with during his nearly 30-year career creating and selling guitar-effects

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Hip-hop's latest cutting-edge faction make the most out of confusion

By Reyan Ali
POSTED // Jul 25,2013 - “I’m sorry,” the woman’s voice says, “but the person you called has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet. Goodbye.” That’s what you hear when you dial the titular number of “646-704-2610,”

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Funk masters release new New You Part 1

By Renee Estrada
POSTED // Jul 18,2013 - Listen to Orgone for a minute or two, and you’ll be transported to the era when the civil-rights movement was underway, and bell-bottoms and paisley were fabulously in style.

Music Articles

Belle & Sebastian

Twilight Concert Series openers Belle & Sebastian are (still) in love with each other

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Jul 18,2013 - People sometimes get closer to their co-workers than to their family, simply because they spend so much time with them. And somewhere beyond the whole-fam-damily level of intimacy is the complicated sort of relationship

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John Hiatt

John Hiatt hits the note again and again

By Randy Harward
POSTED // Jul 18,2013 - You know in Benny & Joon where earnest/odd/directionless Sam (Johnny Depp) and earnest/odd/imbalanced Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson) are about to kiss, much to the chagrin of Joon’s careworn brother, Benny?

Music Articles

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Mexican acoustic duo Rodrigo y Gabriela return to rock roots

By Katherin Nelson
POSTED // Jul 11,2013 - There’s no question that you’ve arrived in the music industry when you’ve been commissioned to play for the president alongside Beyoncé. Not many musicians can boast that they’ve entertained the hippest administration

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The Stone Foxes

San Francisco rockers explore metaphorical & literal conflict

By Brian Palmer
POSTED // Jul 11,2013 - Shannon Koehler, the drummer and lead singer of the San Francisco-based rock four-piece The Stone Foxes, is an easygoing guy. His sentences are punctuated with laughter, self-deprecating humor and

Music Articles

Pianobike Duo Raising Funds for Upgrade

Farmers Market mainstay bike/piano hybrid "in terrible shape"

By Courtney Tanner
POSTED // Jul 11,2013 - Some people might add a bell or sparkly tassels to their bicycle to make it unique. But Eric Rich and Corbin Baldwin added a full-size Weser Brothers piano.
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