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Summer Guide

Ogling Ogden

Festivals & fun in the city to the north.

By Kelli Stitzer & Rachel Piper
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - A lot of Salt Lakers have the nasty habit of turning up their noses at our neighbors to the north.

Summer Guide

Top This

Salt Lakers customize their perfect Summer day.

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - We decided to ask the pillars of our community how they make the most of summer.

Summer Guide

River Ride

The Jordan River Parkway’s wild, wonderful biking adventure.

By Erin Finney
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - Right now, it is possible to ride a bicycle from 200 South in downtown Salt Lake City all the way to West Jordan at 7800 South without riding in traffic.

Summer Guide

Camping for Beginners

Where to go and what to bring

By Wina Sturgeon
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - There’s nothing like a night in the wilderness, where familiar sounds of civilization get replaced by soft owl hoots and the mysterious creakings of the natural world. A first-timer, however, ma

Summer Guide

Hidden Treasures

Rock Hounding & Treasure Digging in Utah

By Jennifer Heaney
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - As the saying goes, “There’s gold in them thar hills.”

Summer Guide

Utah Fairs & Festivals Summer 2011

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - A Complete Listing of Utah Festivals & Fairs for the Summer of 2011

Summer Guide

Concert Offerings to Heat Up Your Summer 2011

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 8,2011 - Local Concert Offerings to Heat Up Your Summer 2011.

Summer Guide

Summer Guide 2010

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 9,2010 - City Weekly has slapped together the ultimate Summer Guide to help you get the most out of the remaining months of a stable climate ...

Summer Guide

10 Kid's Summer Camps in Salt Lake City

Kidding Around: School's out, and the youth of today are restless. The Solution? Sumemer Camp.

By Austen Diamond
POSTED // Jun 9,2010 - Summer doesn't have to lay waste to young minds. An abundance of camps in and around Salt Lake City will help keep the cognitive juices flowing until the next school year.
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