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Summer Guide

Summer Guide 2013

Get ready for fun in the Utah sun

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Ah, summertime. The days are longer, the nights are stronger, and the smell of smoking meats is blowin’ through the air. But while everything seems more relaxed and casual, having a truly great summer requires smart planning—or perusing our Summer Guide.

Summer Guide

Build Your Own Barbecue

Mix & match to create the party of the century

By City Weekly Staff
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Nothing says summertime like a barbecue, and the best barbecues combine everything that’s wonderful about summer: great food, cool drinks, relaxed attitudes and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from dominating

Summer Guide

Barbecue Basics

Lay a firm foundation for your shindig with the right sauce and grilling technique

By Scott Renshaw
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - You can have all the fire-dancers and live music you want, but if what you’re taking off the grill is flavorless or just a flaming piece of charcoal with a meat-like center, your gathering won’t go down in history in any kind

Summer Guide

Sips of Summer

5 irresistible warm-weather cocktails & how to make 'em

By Ted Scheffler
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Sipping a cocktail on the patio is one of my favorite summer pastimes. After all, who doesn’t love an ice-cold gin & tonic on a hot summer’s day? Or, a Long Island iced tea, for that matter?

Summer Guide

Party Like a Rock Star

Local musicians rhapsodize about their ideal barbecue

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Local musicians rhapsodize about their ideal barbecue

Summer Guide

Summer Tube!

Don't go out there: Stay inside & get a TV tan

By Bill Frost
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Just because it’s hot and the broadcast networks have (mostly) given up on the summer doesn’t mean you have to: If you have cable, satellite, an Internet connection or just a working knowledge of how to splice into your neighbor’s

Summer Guide

New Moon

Slip into the cooler side of summer with these nighttime activities

By Kolbie Stonehocker
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - When the mid-afternoon heat of a blazing summer day finds you sticky, sweaty and hiding in the shade, it’s easy to wish that fall would just hurry up and come already.

Summer Guide

Dive In

Find thrills & chills at local waterparks & public pools

By Colin Wolf
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - If this summer will be anything like the last, we’re in for a scorcher. Luckily, Utah doesn’t skimp on great places to cool off and get all splishy-splashy. Here’s a rundown of a few of our favorite spots to find aquatic thrills, as well as refresh and chill out.

Summer Guide

Booze Your Own Adventure

How to pair Utah's views with local brews

By Jeff Miesbauer
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - Nothing says summer like a scenic mountain hike or a cold, sweaty brew, so why not combine the two? Here’s a list of some wild Wasatch drinking spots, each matched with a local beer to accompany the view.

Summer Guide

My Best Escapades

Local adventurers reveal their favorite summer getaways

By Nicole McDonald
POSTED // Jun 5,2013 - When the Utah weather shifts from winter to warmth, everyone has that special place they’re ready to visit again, or that special activity without which summer just wouldn’t be the same.
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