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Midnight Comedy Mayhem

Saturday, Nov. 14

By Jennifer Heaney
Posted // November 11,2009 -

In these turbulent times, when citizens are opting for stay-cations, home-cooked meals and other dollar-stretching activities, inexpensive local entertainment is definitely in vogue. To that end, a small group of Salt Lake City comedians has banded together to present a second night of laughter on the cheap. Last year’s debut was a resounding success, bringing more than 200 to the Tower Theatre.

The show runs like a co-op. All the performers in the show are friends. The Salt Lake Film Society provides the venue, and Honest Beverages is providing drinks for the audience (while supplies last). The money earned from the door is split between the comics equally. Last year, according to organizer and comic Adam Thomas Pritchard, they earned “enough for each comic to buy beer for a week and a half.”

This year’s show is scheduled to feature, in addition to Pritchard, improv duo Toy Soup (pictured above), Blake Bard, Levi Rounds, Cody Eden and 2009 Artys winner for “Best Clean Comic” Aaron Burrell. The show is open to all ages, but Pritchard warns, “It is definitely R-rated” (Burrell notwithstanding). Attendees will get a chance to see Utah comedians at their best, the theater will get $5-a-ticket butts in the seats, and the other 9th & 9th businesses will get plenty of foot traffic. For anyone who loves to support local businesses and performers, it’s a win-win.

Midnight Comedy Mayhem 2 @ Tower Theatre, 876 E. 900 South, Saturday, Nov. 14, midnight.

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Posted // November 15,2009 at 01:35

First off, the last Midnight Comedy show wasn't last year, it was in March, so don't say last year as it is not a season of South Park. Second, Toy Soup thoroughly sucks balls. Having performed on the same night as these guys before and having seen their act at this "comedy mayhem" show twice, I can professionally tell you to skip every show these assclowns do. Watching their improv show is like seeing that episode of The Office where Michael goes to his improv class but instead of the teacher kicking him out, he gives him his own half-hour special. They have a place in comedy like Jimmy Fallon has a place in late night. Finally, the comedians. Aaron Burrell, while being listed as a "clean comic" (which usually means shitty comic), was hilarious. His dry wit always shines through, especially in the last two "Mayhem" shows. Cody Edens was funny but "who gives a shit" funny. As for Blake Bard, he was like Bruno: shock with no laugh. I will admit he's lost weight, but at the Will Sasso expense. Levi Rounds delivers jokes like your cousin trying to give an amusing anecdote at a funeral(nice ironic hipster mustache). Now the coup de gra, Adam Pritchard. For being billed as the headliner, Adam may be the worst comic I've ever seen. After realizing his new material was failing, he reverted to his old material which has been proven to fail by the first "mayhem" show's standards. Adam has some funny talking points for jokes but literally misses the punchline in almost every case. And the joke about button fly jeans: a little too close to Nick DiPaolo's bit. Overall this was an awkward experience compared to the first "mayhem" show which was a full house. There was probably 50 people at this show. Maybe the downfall was having tea instead of booze like the last one. By the way, for having everyone in the audience drinking Honest Tea, I'm surprised no one yelled "You suck!". Ha! I can write cheesy jokes too! I sound like an asshole but the truth is I love comedy, and for being hyped for so long this show was a big letdown in my opinion.