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Abstinence Is the Only Way

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // July 1,2009 -

The only way to prevent unnecessary misery, pain, undue suffering and unwanted pregnancies is to practice sexual abstinence [“Birds, Bees and STDs,” June 18, City Weekly]. It’s the only way.

I’m a single man in my 30s who has never been married and has never had illicit sexual relations with anyone. I won’t until I find the woman I love and want to marry.

Guess what? I don’t need to worry about taking some paternity test to determine if I’m the father of some permissive broad’s illegitimate child, and neither do I need to worry about contracting the hordes of STDs that are out there. Do you savvy?

It disgusts me whenever I hear pathetic, irresponsible parents claiming that young people today are just more sexually active. The truth is that, if a person is old enough to choose to have sexual relations with every Tom, Dick and Harry out there—or with every Mary, Jane and Sally— then they’re definitely old enough to be accountable for the consequences of their poor choices. With every choice comes a natural, inescapable consequence, and consequences don’t care what you think, feel, believe or don’t believe, and neither do they care how old you are. They simply run their course perfectly every time and they don’t need to be reminded, prodded, and they never make any mistakes. Ah—the sins of the children will be upon the heads of the parents.

Missy Bird of Planned Parenthood and Rep. Lynn Hemingway, D-Holladay, are typical liberals who don’t know their front sides from their backsides. It’s all about teaching young people about personal accountability for their choices and actions when they’re young and teachable, something that too many irresponsible parents aren’t willing to do, including Missy Bird and Rep. Hemingway—or else they wouldn’t be whining about condom use and other contraceptive devices.

And, voila—along comes Planned Parenthood and the schools with their crap-shoot sex-ed programs thinking that showing impressionable young minds about putting a condom on a banana is going to solve all of the misery and suffering, and prevent unwanted pregnancies! If women don’t want to get pregnant, then they should keep their skirts on or their pants zipped up. Same thing goes for irresponsible men.

Ken Thomas
West Jordan

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Posted // December 26,2011 at 07:55 This letter will be good for a laugh far into the future. It makes me think City Weekly should do a year end top ten from the mail box piece. This one would have to be included I'll bet. Hey Ken, I hope you had the good sense not to use your real name. Your a hoot!


Posted // April 20,2011 at 01:11

people have sex. maybe you should try it, it may strip you of some of those self-rightous ways.

how convienient it is for someone who has never had sex to say that the sin would effect the parents? move out of your mommys house, find yourself someone and stop your preachy nonsense.

also talk to your doctor about sex and masterbation before you talk to your bishop.

the answer will make you crap your trousers and your brain will finally fall out of your ass.

Then we can clean it out and put some actually logical thoughts in it, instead of brainwashed, self-rightous, ignorant statements.

sound good?

okay, thanks bye.


The peoples fight against ignorant indifferent people.


Posted // July 6,2009 at 15:41

You guys are cracking me up! All of you, including Ken. And he's the only one trying to be serious.

There are two 40-ish, Mormon spinsters in my condo development. They are roommates. Singles wards, blind dates, etc. are the mode and they hate it. Both are desperately trying to hook-up, both are professional, attractive, smart and generally great human beings.

Ken, feel free to get hold of me for an introduction. I would love to know that I'm helping them end a needless life of sexual and physical frustration and vibrators and you, my well-intentioned martyr, need to find someone and move out of your parent's house.

But before you do, do some research. Get some education on the subject. Check out the stats on teen-age pregnancy and the joke that is "abstinence." Most kids who are getting pregnant and spreading disease aren't afraid of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (God, to you) and won't adhere to a religious-sponsored and enforced edict against premarital sex.

Most will go for the ole' Rub 'N Tug any day over abstinence.

And, Ken, once you have sex, you'll throw away those posters of Sarah Palin you keep thumb-tacked to the ceiling over your bed.


Posted // July 6,2009 at 15:07

Be nice, folks. This guy just needs to get laid. Imagine living into your thirties without knowing the sensuous touch of another human being. This, as well as an overbearing, overly religious mother, is what led Ed Gein to make furniture of the little ladies he met. Hopefully, Ken's able to whet (or is it wet?) his willey before making a lampshade of his own "girl next door".


Posted // July 3,2009 at 10:55

Hmmm....If they'd tried teaching abstinence and teens are still getting pregnant, std's etc its pretty safe to say abstinence doesn't work.

futhermore, Missy Bird and Rep Hemingway are quite able to tell their asses from their vaginas!!!!!

I grew up in a state that DID teach sex education and never caught an STD or got pregnant.

Finally, a group of us did dramatic readings to your letter, and the person who read it imitating William Shatner had the whole room laughing hysterically (just thought I'd share that)