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The Way It Is

The Way It Is | Cathy Moran of the Peach Boutique

By Eric S. Peterson
Posted // September 10,2008 -

The West Valley City Council recently capped the number of taco-stand licenses at 15. Some council members feel they’re not aesthetically pleasing and are a burden to existing health inspectors’ workloads. City Weekly asked Cathy Moran of the Peach Boutique in the 9th & 9th district if she thought the ordinance was fair:

If there’s a serious concern about [health] regulations, that’s [an issue], but as far as them looking bad, I don’t think so. I don’t eat at taco stands, personally, but I know that that’s the way some people are supporting their families and making a living. As long as they’re following health codes they should be able to do their business. As long as they have customers why put them out of business?

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