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The Way It Is

The Way It Is | Anna Brozek of Slowtrain

By Eric S. Peterson
Posted // May 28,2008 -

Experts want to reduce investment in biofuels like ethanol which are made from corn, arguing that they’re hurting food prices too much. Biofuel proponents contend that the tradeoff is worth the savings in gas prices. City Weekly asked Anna Brozek of Slowtrain if she thought scaling back on biofuel was a good idea.

We should cut back on production of biofuels to help with food. There are certainly alternative ways to save money on gas, like riding a bike, walking or public transportation. Opportunities to reduce our gasoline usage are almost endless, and to try and lower gas prices at the expense of the cost of food doesn’t seem very smart, especially since we haven’t fully exercised other options to reduce our need for gasoline.


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Posted // June 3,2008 at 07:10 Biofuel can be made from myriad sources. nnKen pointed out Brazil, which began making biofuel decades ago in response to a gas crisis much like our own 70’s crunch. Brazil makes excellent fuel from fast-growing sugar cane and powers their refineries with steam produced by burning husks and waste from sugar cane. It’s clean, efficient and affordable.nnWe can make biofuel from nearly any organic waste matter as well as highly renewable sources like algae. Algae isn’t viable yet, but as technology improves, it will be a fantastic option. In the meantime, we could be using other, better, smarter sources for biofuel production. We shouldn’t be turning food into diesel.nnUsing corn to produce fuel was a ridiculous idea in the first place. I question the motive of doing so.


Posted // June 2,2008 at 16:24 A easy remedy would be to allow other countries to provide us with the alternative fuel that we need. Brazil is currently doing a great job at this .... why don’t we purchase the fuel from them rather than hurting our own economy by subsidizing the farmers and companies that make this fuel not to mention the loss of food production.