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Citizen Revolt

Make History, Save History

By Eric S. Peterson
Posted // August 1,2013 -

This week, learn how to help the Move to Amend Salt Lake group make history and build a grass-roots movement to amend the United States Constitution to kill the legal sham of corporate personhood. You can also look ahead to a unique opportunity to help preserve the historic Ute Mountain Lookout Tower in Ashley National Forest. The Utah Public Service Commission will also offer presentations on how to clean Utah’s historically awful air.

Move to Amend Salt Lake
Tuesday, Aug. 6
In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that corporations are people and can spend as much as they want to buy elections with impunity. The aftershocks of this decision are still affecting average citizens in the country and Utah in numerous ways. This week, join Move to Amend Salt Lake in a workshop and panel that will connect the dots between law and big business and discuss how to pull back the corporate chokehold on our turning-purple democracy.
First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, 569 S. 1300 East, Aug. 6, 6-9 p.m.,

Enhanced Use of Alternative Vehicles
Wednesday, Aug. 7
The 2013 Legislature’s Senate Bill 275 originally proposed a utility-rate increase to fund natural-gas-fueled state vehicles. The bill was changed in the waning days of the Legislature among criticism that it was just a giveaway to the Utah Transit Authority. The bill now requires the Public Service Commission to investigate ways to promote alternative-fuel vehicles as a means of cleaning up the air, which they’ll be discussing at this meeting.
Utah Capitol, 350 N. State, Senate Building 210, 801-530-6714, Aug. 7, 9 a.m.-noon,

Ute Mountain Lookout Tower
Various dates, through September
HistoriCorp, which rallies volunteers to help preserve historic buildings across the country, needs volunteers to come camp in the Uintas and help rehab Ute Mountain Lookout Tower, Utah’s first and last-standing fire lookout tower. Volunteer supplies and meals will be provided; volunteers just need to provide their own transportation to the site (about 50 miles north of Vernal) and camping supplies.
Registration and more information: 303-893-4260, extension

Twitter: @EricSPeterson

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Posted // August 2,2013 at 14:27

Intersectionality, Feminism, and Resistance.

Organized by: WOMEN FOR A CHANGE

This is the official shout-out for our NEWEST panel in the Listening to Women Series.

Women’s empowerment and social change as a whole, hinges on the consciousness of women, young and old, their understanding of the importance of unity and the combined struggles of the oppressed in our own communities.

will be hosting:
A panel discussion At The Downtown Salt Lake City Library, conference room B
Wednesday August 7th 7pm Panel and discussion

Elena Everett: was born in Utah and lived in Provo belonging to an LDS family that goes back to the pioneers. She began her political activism after the 9/11 attacks and during college she was radicalized by the anti-war activism sweeping the county. She is leading an organization in North Carolina to build labor solidarity work with farm workers and labor unions. Most of her work has been youth oriented focusing on the school to prison pipeline. She founded the Durham Solidarity center and is a member of the Workers World Party.

Eva Panjwani: organizer, mentor and a proud queer Muslim. Eva works in her community as a revolutionary feminist and is an out spoken member of workers world party and will be travelling to Utah from her home in North Carolina. Check out Eva’s submission to the Third Coast International Audio Festival http://thirdcoastfestival. org/library/1273-sweet-memory-rooh-afzah.

Victoria Sethunya: Grew up in Lesotho a Small province in South Africa. She took part in the Anti-Apartheid struggle that over-through the white racist rule in South Africa. She is a community activist and leading voice in Utah for immigrant rights and justice for oppressed peoples as a whole.

Itza Hernandez : is a community leader and active fighter for immigrant rights in Utah. She has worked tirelessly with the Salt Lake Dream Team exposing the nature of U. S. immigration policies and the devastating effects of deportations on families.

Kat Phillpotts: Feminist power house currently pursuing a Masters degree in Philosophy and Iliff School of Theology in Denver archived two undergraduate degrees at Utah Valley University. She also works in women’s groups fighting against sexual assault, rape culture, and for women’s rights.

Sisters! We need your help! Spread the word and Find out more about WOMEN FOR A CHANGE!
We acknowledges that people who identify as women are oppressed, and that their oppression manifests itself to varying degrees depending on sex, race, class, ability, and sexual orientation. Our intention is to stand together against exploitation in all of its forms. We aim to promote radical inclusion and community-building by standing in solidarity with all women. By creating a space to share our struggles, celebrate our strengths, and foster mutual empowerment, we will be more effective in initiating lasting social change within our community.