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The Way It Is

The Way It Is | Hillary Musgrove of Reuel’s Art & Frame

By Eric S. Peterson
Posted // May 21,2008 - Newsweek magazine recently highlighted a new trend of Mormons appearing on reality TV shows, pointing out Todd Herzog of Survivor and Murray’s own David Archuleta as an American Idol finalist, to name a few. City Weekly asked Hillary Musgrove of Reuel’s Art & Frame (375 S. West Temple) if she thinks this is a sign that Mormons are becoming more mainstream, or are they just oddly suited for reality TV?


I guess they [reality shows] don’t really highlight other people’s religions like they do if they’re Mormon. If they’re Mormon it’s like, “Oh, this is different.” So, yeah, I think … with the polygamy stuff going on, it’s something unique, and they like to highlight it.

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