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'Tis the Season

By City Weekly Staff
Posted // November 19,2008 -

Have you seen Merriness and Mirth? They’ve gone missing, likely snatched by a Wall Street grinch. And it’s left a chill in the air that isn’t an Arctic front. 

But take heart: City Weekly is here to revive your frostbitten holiday cheer. And the cure is simple: Shop like a motha. It’s not called “shopping therapy” for nothing.

Thrift-store aficionado Princess Kennedy claims he can “take a pig’s ear and turn it into a pit bull with lipstick.” In his “30 Buck Chuck,” he re-engineers thrift-shop finds into great gifts—even for fussy moms and manly men—for less than $30. For parents who only wish they were cool enough to buy their kids the gift of music, Ryan Bradford’s got you covered in “Bullying the Jukebox.” In “Gifted Thinking,” the editorial staff, from editors to intern, suggest 40 gift ideas, ranging from dirt-cheap to the stuff of dreams.

Finally, if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all need an escape. And for many, that escape is only possible in our heads. Book critic John Freeman provides his list of the year’s best fiction to give for the holidays.

Let our little guide warm your spirit and bring back the Merry. Stat!

Thirty Buck Chuck
With these secret tips, your gift recipients will never know how cheap you really are.

Bullying the Jukebox
Ryan Bradford knows what’s best for your musically starved children.

Gifted Thinking
Where critical thought meets the material world.

The Year’s Best Fiction
A good novel will merry up anyone’s holiday.

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