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Artys 2008 | The Best in Local Arts, Theater, Film, Literature, Fashion, Comedy & More

By Scott Renshaw
Posted // September 10,2008 -
Every choice is a value statement. You may buy the groceries that are locally, organically grown; you may give $5 to charity rather than buy a Big Mac and fries. We make choices, and they become the external manifestation of what matters to us.

For the third year, City Weekly asked readers to vote on the best artistic talent in Utah. Your individual choices provided us with winners in a variety of categories, but embedded in those choices was one that is perhaps more significant: the choice to vote at all. Over the course of three weeks, more than 1,000 ballots were cast for actors, writers, visual artists, dancers and other practitioners of their respective arts. And the choice to cast that ballot became a statement that their work matters.

Ernst Levy’s quote below hits at the heart of a value system in which we recognize art as essential to human experience—not because it’s “practical,” but because it gives our humanness meaning. This issue represents our effort to recognize that significance, to celebrate the artists who challenge and delight us, to honor those whose financial and moral support allows artists to do their essential work.

In an election year, we hear plenty of reference to “values voters.” The reality is that there is no other kind. Our thanks to all of you whose values are represented in these pages: Readers’ Choice | Staff Picks

src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/080911/artys_coverstory/ReadersChoice.jpgsrc=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/080911/artys_coverstory/StaffPicks.jpg “Man will begin to recover the moment he
takes art as seriously as physics,
chemistry or money.”

—Ernst Levy, composer/pianist

Brandon Burt, Stephen Dark, Cara Despain, Bill Frost, Jamie Gadette, Geoff Griffin, Jennifer Heaney, Christy Karras, Ted McDonough, Holly Mullen, Eric Peterson, Jenny Poplar, Scott Renshaw, Ed Richards, Dallas Robbins, Brian Staker, Jacob Stringer, Rob Tennant, Jerre Wroble


Check out pictures from the
Artys Reception at Vienna Bistro

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src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/RirieWoodbury.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/RDTredlogo.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/SLAC_Logo2.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/JAZZSLC_2.jpg
src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/baa_signature.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/ViennaBistro.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/PTC.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/Plan-B-Logo.jpg
src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/EgyptianTheater.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/Castle-Creek-Winery-LOGO-Color.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/wasatchtheatre_LOGO.jpg src=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/UCA-logo.jpgsrc=data/449BBE6E-021E-D69E-7A3370304BA7D31B/userData/Image/artys/2008/WSU_PerformArts.jpg
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