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Lisa Diamond: Sexual Fluidity

Thursday March 31 @ Sam Weller’s Bookstore

By Scott Renshaw
Posted // March 31,2011 -

Statistics are elusive when it comes to sexual orientation—in part because of the social politics of the subject, and in part because so much of the landmark research was based on men. Lisa Diamond—University of Utah associate professor of psychology and gender studies—takes a look at how much more complex female sexuality may be than anyone previously suspected.

Sexual Fluidity challenges the notion of sexual orientation as a fixed point when it comes to women. That old cliché about the girl who “experiments” in college may simply be indicative of a radical new way of looking at female sexual desire: that it’s far less rigidly defined than it is for men, and much more dependent on the particular relationships a woman experiences at various times in her life. Following case studies of more than 100 women over more than 10 years, from adolescence through adulthood, Diamond offers real evidence for the idea that someone can fall in love with a person, not just a gender.

Lisa Diamond: Sexual Fluidity @ Sam Weller’s Bookstore, 254 S. Main, 801-328-2586, March 31, 6 p.m., free.

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Posted // May 16,2011 at 11:40

Men are just as sexually fluid as women. It's because of social construct and expected gender roles that women seem more fluid. It's almost encouraged, if anything for women to sleep or experiment with other women, the same cannot be said for men.

While Diamond does being to light an important aspect in women’s sexuality, it must be said that not all women are fluid. There are straight women who have had a fixed attraction to males all throughout their lives, as well as lesbians who’ve had a fixed attraction to other women (and none to men) all throughout their lives.

It's unfortunate that such notions, as those of Diamonds such as concluding that all women are fluid and men are rigid, leaves out two important groups of people: Lesbians who have never been attracted to men and bisexual men and or straight men who enjoy sleeping with men but identify as straight.