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Raising the Rich

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // November 4,2009 - Honey, there’s a party going on! Only $50K will get us a table at the front of the room! The movers and shakers will all be there! Some of the riffraff (sorry, love, they can buy the cheap seats for $1,000 or more) will be at the back of the room, but we can ignore them.

Put on your pearls, Cartier and diamonds! Wear your party dress! About a mile away, and a few streets farther on, children, women, men, whole families are sleeping in cars, in doorways or in boxes. They have the liberal press to blanket them.

If only we could take that money and help the homeless shelters and the food bank. The “Family Values State”? I don’t think so.

Robert Hartman
West Jordan

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