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We Need a Revolution

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // July 22,2009 -

That was a great article on Tim DeChristopher [“Crunch Time,” July 9, City Weekly].

DeChristopher has done a great thing for this country. We need everyone to be like him.

Civil disobedience needs to start now. Thomas Jefferson said every generation needs a revolution. DeChristopher has begun one, and we all need to follow suit.

I hope people read that article and felt what I felt. That we need to revolt against injustice, that time is running out. The world is in our hands. We cannot let it fall through our fingers because we are scared of the corrupt law that tries to govern us.

I know I have become more aware of the pressing issue at hand. If we don’t do something now, the future will never come.

Logan Olsen
Salt Lake City

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