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Let's Waterboard Our Enemies

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // July 8,2009 -

Simply put, waterboarding is not torture [“Tort Torture,” Private Eye, June 18, City Weekly]. You seem to be such a nice little pacifist toward the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the three terrorists waterboarded at Guantanamo Bay, and the mastermind of 9/11. “Oh, poor Khalid was waterboarded,” you say. He seems to be doing just fine to me!

Also, it was Mohammed who beheaded Daniel Pearl in Iraq. Why do liberals like Saltas feel so much compassion toward evil scumbags like Mohammed? I guarantee you, that Mohammed wouldn’t show the same kind of respect and compassion toward you. Just ask Daniel Pearl—whoops, you can’t do that, because he’s dead! He’d just as soon see Saltas dead, too. I’m certain he’s collaborating with Osama bin Laden as we speak for their next attack. We should’ve taken him out and wasted him.

Taking a terrorist through our civilian courts is nuts, and there’s no constitutional muster to back up such a ploy. Terrorists captured on the field of battle should be dealt with through a military tribunal, not a civilian court. Judges in our court system have no constitutional authority to make such asinine and unconstitutional decisions. It’s strictly a military decision—or, at least, it should be.

Beheading someone or shoving a tire iron up someone else’s ass is torture. You can’t compare waterboarding to either of these two forms of torture. In fact, the military goes through intense waterboarding exercises before the servicemen and -women are sent to their respective fields of duty. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Marine, Green Beret or Navy Seal.

This nonsense that waterboarding will cause our enemies to torture our soldiers is just that: It’s nonsense. They would torture our soldiers regardless of what we do at Guantanamo Bay.

Ken Thomas
Salt Lake City

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Posted // July 10,2009 at 21:02

You know, it seems there will always be those who need a lesson in their own attitudes and beliefs. I don't exclude myself from this category, as I'm quite sure there are plenty of people who'd have a page full to say to me upon reading my words, eh, thats fine with me. I just hope this gets to Ken Thomas, Mohammed, and all the people like them.

Is it really that hard to use your own critical thinking to recognize that by your own attitudes and words, you are no differant than Mohammed, Bin Laden, or anyone else filled with hate, wishing doom upon someone else for whatever reason or differance? By your own words and attitudes, you are Mohammed, you just haven't gotten your hands on an "enemy" yet. So maybe Bin Laden and Mohammed are plotting their next attack. Only because they are fully aware there are folks like you they need to defend themselves against. Didn't that ever occur to you? Where do you think this all started? What makes you any differant and above the hatred they feel towards you? Because you're American and Christian? I've got news for you, that makes you no differant, it simply puts you on a safer side of the fence.

What gives us a right to dole out pain and fear to others? Isn't what makes Americans believe they are great the fact that we believe we hold ourselves to a higher standard? If we don't than we have no right playing policeman (not that I ever believed we did to begin with). If we don't actually have a higher standard and attitudes towards others, we aren't doing the world any favor trying to make them like us... in so doing we're only making more hate mongering, fearful torturers in the process. Such a case is one of strength and stron arming beating out the littler guy, not one of higher principles and standards.

I would guess Mr. Saltas is fully aware there are people out there plotting his doom and torture. I would guess it doesn't bother him much. You are the means by which people like Osama bin Laden is accomplishing his goals. You are an example of America stooping to the level of those they are trying to be an example to. Using their tactics can't be seen any other way. Yes there are those out there who are going to torture, regardless. What business do we have adding ourselves to that category? No matter what attack takes place, or what happens, last time I check, neither bin Laden, Mohammed, nor any other "terrorist" was a legislator or held any lawmaking authority in the US, so any power they have to change your "way of life" is only that which you give them, or which you, through your fear, give your own legislators.

What ever happens to principles, ethics, and dignity? Whatever happened to the idea of going to death, if need be, knowing that no matter what form of punishment or torture was used against you, you refused to stoop to the standards and tactics used against you?

The word terrorist is such a meaningless, silly designation. It could apply to the American Revoltuion minutemen, whose goal was to use guerrilla tactics and be so quick to prepare and attack but so disastrous in their small numbers that they helped turned the tide of a war against a global empire. They made English soldiers afraid of where to go and how to act next. Sound familar? Of course, it could be argued... mainly by those who are incapable of recognizing that their side can do wrong, if for no other reason than the fact that it is "their side".

And so the cycle goes on and on. Each side bearing the hatred of the few that keep the ball rolling. Each side using those few intolerant souls on the other to justify their hate and make excuses for themselves. How much better it would be if one side as whole simply refused to stoop to the level of the other? Had that been the case years ago, we wouldn't be in the sights of people like bin Laden to begin with. Call me names, whatever you want, I've come to expect it from people like Mohammed and you, Mr Thomas. All you do is fulfill your own expectations.


Posted // July 8,2009 at 16:11

Hey, I'm just impressed you actually took time out from twisting tails off of kitty cats to write this letter.