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Tea Talk

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // April 22,2009 -

I was at the federal building April 15 for the Tea Party tax protest and wanted to comment on the speech given by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

I believe the Attorney General came close to suggesting that we take up arms against the government. He told stories of the individual colonists taking up arms and followed those stories with pleas to “take action.”

Also, his revisionist history of the Boston Tea Party seemed odd. I believe he implied that the original tea party was a protest against taxation.

A speaker who came later correctly pointed out that original tea party was a protest against a tax cut given to The British East India Company. However, even that speaker twisted the history a bit. He suggested that the tea party was a result of the colonial protest of the British government “bailing out” a big company (trying to put it in a modern context).

I believe the real reason was that the reduced tax (targeted at one wellconnected company) gave the East India Company an advantage over Americanbased merchants.

D. MacPherson
Salt Lake City

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Posted // April 22,2009 at 15:32

Oh, please, D-

Don't confuse these fake patriots with facts and history. Most of the idiots who showed up are just, plain angry people who weren't really even sure why they were there.

Back in the 60's, such gatherings were called "Be-Ins,"where you showed up loaded on drugs, wore really tacky clothes, looked like the antithesis of the establishment and protested anything and everything you could think of that you could blame on the government.

The only difference between last week and the 60's was back then, the attorney general didn't show up and make an ass of himself.