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Cite Offenders or Else

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // April 22,2009 -

Will someone please explain why transit police don’t bother citing people who skateboard on UTA TRAX stops, jaywalk across the tracks or smoke their cigarettes where they are not supposed to?

Why can’t transit and city police enforce the rules that are posted at all TRAX stations—or doesn’t UTA general manager John Inglish care about that? Inglish and transit development director Mike Allegra need to be fired and replaced by people who know what needs to be done. One more thing: I thought that Salt Lake City has a city ordinance against skateboarding and bike riding on public sidewalks. Why can’t Mayor Ralph Becker get off his Democratic hobbyhorse and start enforcing these rules—or doesn’t he care? If the City Council had impeachment authority, Becker either would be removed from office or forced to resign.

I suggest he be replaced by Dave Buhler; I think Buhler would see to it that all city ordinances were enforced, and skateboarding and bike riding on public sidewalks would become a thing of the past. City sidewalks are for people to walk on; they are not for skateboarding or bike riding. I am damned sick and tired of skateboarders going past me on the sidewalk.

I have an even better idea: No more community development block grants or any other federal funding for Salt Lake City until all these matters are resolved.

Douglas Cotant
Salt Lake City

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Posted // April 24,2009 at 21:49

Dear Doug,

While I agree with you that there may be a lack of enforcement as far as the posted signs go on TRAX, consider how high taxes would go if we hired an army to enforce all these petty rules. If you're willing to pay for that enforcement, more power to you! I will find you someone at UTA who will happily take that money to stimulate the economy. Personally, I would rather kids be out skateboarding than getting into trouble elsewhere. I would also point to the possible consequences of jaywalking, such as getting hit by a TRAIN, to be quite the disincentive when it comes to the enforcement of that rule.

I also agree that the sidewalks should be a safe place for pedestrians...once the road is a safe place for skateboarding and bicycling. As someone who has been hit and severely injured by someone driving a car and not seeing me in the road, I can tell you that we have a long way to go in that department. Ralph Becker has tried to keep these people off your sidewalks with the green lanes downtown reminding cars that bikers have a ride to the lane as well. Again, if you want to take care of this by paying for your roads through a higher gas tax (so bicyclists and skateboarders don't have to pay for them through their general taxes), by all means make that your new mission.

Since you seem to be an advocate for pedestrians...add drivers stopping in crosswalks at red lights as well as generally ignoring predestrians crossing roads to your list. Those people are saving the quality of our air as well as making our health care lower as they get their cardio workout hoping they don't get hit by a car every time they cross the street.


Posted // April 23,2009 at 11:18

Yeah. Lock those kids up in front of video games where they belong!

The sidewalks belong to everyone, and the flow of traffic upon them , be it by foot, bike or board, is a healthy indicator that the blood is still flowing downtown. I've seen the police occassionally shoo a random cyclist off the sidewalk if the ped traffic is heavy, but sometimes that's the safest place for the cyclist to be (until we start educating drivers to give cyclists a share of the road that won't change). As for the skateboarders, if they're not hurting anybody, leave them alone. They're not crying because you're moving too slow - they just go around. I'd much rather see the kids out rolling the sidewalks than let our city become even more socially anemic than it already is.

Roll on, brother!


Posted // July 2,2011 at 01:26 - I have noticed that UTA cops are pretty busy downtown. Every time I see one on a segway, he's bragging to a small crowd about how much his new toy costs,how fast it goes,what wonderful possibilities his new ride has.
Never have I seen a TRAX cop on segway do anything except lame public relations.
Are you amongst those who nod in agreement with him and giggle at his bad jokes ?